What Is The Dark Side Of An ESFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type?

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What Is The Dark Side Of An ESFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type?

There are 10 Myers Briggs personality types and each of them has positive traits and there's a darkside to each as well. Have you ever noticed that ESFJs are the life of the party? Well, they are.

They know how to make an entrance and have the spotlight on them. People gravitate toward this personality type because they have strong leadership abilities and they have the knowledge and smarts to lead a team to victory. 

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You will never see an ESFJ in anything that is outdated or isn't the latest thing. They want everything to be new and improved to show off to their friends and family. This MB personality type loves to be center of attention and won't fade into the background and be a wallflower.

Once you know they are there they will put on a show and never fade away. Never shying away from a good party, they are always mingling and making new friends easily. The dark side to this personality type can be a bit scary. They always want attention and want people to see that they are up to date on everything. 

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This can be straining on this personalities wallet and self-image if they always have to show off to be accepted. They are inflexible and do things on a whim and that can annoy people especially friends and family or even their job.

Set in their ways they are not willing to change or innovate for their peers causing distress and irritation to the people around them. Can this personality type turn it around? Only time will tell.

Celebrities who have the Myers Briggs ESFJ personality type are:

  • Bill Clinton
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Taylor Swift
  • Steve Harvey

People with the ESFJ personality type often take work as performers, and heads of companies because of their leadership capabilities. ESFJs want to be leaders to make effective change in the world. They lead so that others can emulate them and make their own change in the world. ESFJs are brave and want people to feel safe around them. People always remember ESFJs because they never fail to make a positive change in somebody's life and the world.

Here are the 6 risk to having an ESFJ personality type when it's expressed to the extreme:

1. An ESFJ personality is worried about their social status.

Everybody wants to keep up with the social status they are in, but ESFJs take it to the extreme. They are self-conscious and what people to validate them with the material items that they have bought.

The newer the item the better for ESFJs because they know it will impress people that they have something that nobody has. Validating yourself with material items is a not a good way to present yourself or conduct yourself. People may look at this personality type as selfish and self-indulgent because of all the material items that buy and show off to people.

2. The ESFJ personality is inflexible.

ESFJs are very inflexible. They like their routine and won't let anybody change it. They want their voices and other voices to be heard their way. Their way maybe the highway, but others will look at ESFJs and see a controlling person that doesn't want to change. Not everything goes according to plan and that's life. If ESFJs are not willing to accept other people ideas and do things other peoples way, that could cause tension at their job, and in the causes, they fight for and the people who love them.

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3. The ESFJ personality is reluctant to innovate or improvise.

Once ESFJs are stuck in their ways, its hard to get them out of being in their way of thinking and daily routine. Improvising is not their strong point, because they are used to having everything planned out. They love making list and can't wait to check off the things on their list and move on to the next thing. Once approached about a problem out of the blue, they are confused and stuck like a deer in the headlights. Innovation is not their strong point and usually hire someone to handle situations that is not planned. If innovation and improvision is not a strong point for ESFJ they will be flustered on how to deal with everyday situations that are not planned.

4. This personality is vulnerable to criticism.

ESFJs don't like to hear criticism. With their perfectionist nature, they are used to getting praise on demand. Once they hear something negative said to them they shut down and try to figure out whats going on. ESFJ have to learn that criticism is apart of life. Learning and growing is essential and we cant learn and grow if we are not corrected or given feedback that is less then desirable.

Sometimes ESFJs have to put their guard down and learn that everything will not be perfect and not all people will agree that your performance or your personality is great. People have opinions and all people don't work the same. Criticism is apart of everyday life. ESFJs have to develop thick skin.

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5. People with an ESFJ personality are often needy.

ESFJ's are often too reliant on people to get their message across or do everyday task. Needy people can be a burden because they are reliant on you for everything and don't have the instinct to get things done on there own.

Don't get me wrong people need other people. Teamwork is well and good, but if you don't think for yourself and do things without people telling you to do things, you will be looked at as an annoyance and a burden. ESFJs need to find a balance between needing people and needing to do a task on their own, that they know they are more than capable to do. 

6. This personality is too selfless.

ESFJ's love to help people and that's what makes them stand out. Always willing to go the extra mile to help someone in need. ESFJ's need to learn that having time to indulge in things that they love to do and have time for themselves isn't selfish. Taking time for yourself is a great thing to do, and it makes you feel better about yourself and what the future may hold. When people see that you take care of yourself, they will see that you are competent. Helping others is good, but if you don't take time for yourself then you will never know what's in store for you.

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