The 5 Negative Personality Traits Of An ISFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type

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The 5 Negative Personality Traits Of An ISFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type

Everybody has a dark side. Kelly Clarkson said it herself in her song "Dark Side". It's true, not all things that glimmer are gold and we can't be perfect all the time.  ISFJ Myers Briggs personality types know that for sure.

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This personality type strives to be independent, and that great and all, but sometimes people need assistance and asking for help isn't so bad when you think about it. Their personality type also is unpredictable, you don't know what you're going to get and that worries people in the long run.

Famous celebrities who have the ISFJ Myers Briggs personality type are:

  • Beyonce
  • Halle Berry
  • Vin Diesel
  • Kate Middleton

Will you be happy, sad, excited, or mean? Not knowing will make people wonder about you and your stability. ISFJ also struggle within themselves, not standing up for what they believe in and not taking credit for their accomplishments. 

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Not being arrogant and boastful is nice, but when ISFJ's don't go out of your way to not get noticed or take credit for their accomplishments ISFJ's are not living up to their full potential. 

On the flip side, ISFJ's are the most caring personalities. They are always looking out for others. ISFJ's have careers in social work, hospitals and do a lot of humanitarian work because they care about others and want others to do well and succeed. 

Seeing people struggling and having a hard time makes ISFJ's cringe inside and that doesn't sit too well with this personality type.ISFJ's are the do-gooders of all the personality types and they aren't proud of it.

1. ISFJ's are fiercely independent.

Its ok to be independent, but ISFJ's take it to a whole new level. They want to prove that they don't need an assistant. In actuality, their minds are racing because they don't know how to handle most situations by themselves.

Their independence makes them feel secure and headstrong and they don't want the feeling of being emasculated and told what to do. ISFJ's have to realize that no matter how strong they are on the inside, most people need help and they can't do everything by themselves. Teamwork is essential for life in general. 

2.  ISFJ personality types are unpredictable.

Being unpredictable can cause problems in life and ISFJ's don't even know it. This personality type runs on their own schedule and isn't afraid to let everybody know it. Their behavior can seem kind one day and cold the next.

They are an emotional mess. People will view ISFJ's like they are mental cases sometimes because they are scared of what they will do next. Their unpredictability will have dire consequences later in life. Every one has a pro and con to the dark side of their personality, although an ISFJ's will want to work on their dark-side behavior more than most. 

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3. This personality type is easily stressed.

When stressed ISFJ's don't know how to handle themselves. They like to work at a pace that is right for them. They rely on a schedule or pattern to get through the day. If a task emerges and they are not prepared for it, they usually leave it up to another person and try not to deal with it at all.

ISFJ's need ways to cope with their stress or it will ruin them completely. Running, meditation, and eating healthy can relieve stress. ISFJ's need to learn how to cope with difficult and stressful situations because life is not perfect.

4. ISFJ's are overly competitive.

ISFJ's looks at everybody and sees competition. Its ok to be competitive, but it's not ok to be overly competitive to the point where it is really annoying and not beneficial to the people around you.

Yes, life is basically a competition, but its teamwork that makes the dream work in today's world. Working together gets the task done in half the time and builds stronger relationships with your peer groups and workgroups as well. Giving is better than receiving, taking credit for everything and being pushy to get what you want will never sit well with people and will give people a not so nice first impression of you.

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5. ISFJ's have fluctuating self-esteem.

ISFJ's self-esteem needs a lot of work and there is no getting around it. When they are asked to get in front people or speak up they are frozen in time and can't move. They need people to speak for them halftime and would rather hide under a rock than confront somebody.

Self-esteem is essential for a person because it gives them the confidence to get out there and get what they want in life and it makes people stronger when bad situations occur. Having no self-esteem will make you an easy target for bullies and people to take advantage of ISFj's.

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