If You Feel These 5 Things, You're In A Twin Flame Relationship

You've found the yin to your yang.

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Maybe you’ve seen a few articles shared about this “heavily romantic phenomenon” known as twin flames. And while the dynamic can be romantic, it is not the sole purpose of this connection.

According to my definition: twin flames are two people who possess the same soul or energy signature. One person usually takes on more of the masculine energy (think the light in the yin/yang symbol) and one person usually takes on the feminine energy (the dark).


What does this even mean? There are a few components of a twin flame relationship to better explain the dynamic.

Here are 5 things you feel or experience when you're in a twin flame relationship.

1. Increased self-awareness

This is number one on the list because the whole purpose of a twin flame connection is YOU.

This connection forces you to let go of who you thought you were. This connection forces you to take off that mask and bask in your vulnerability as a beautiful, special soul.



Around the time of meeting your twin flame for the first time, many people experience increased self-focus and self-awareness. This is not to be confused with being self-centered.


This is about you finally letting yourself pursue your passions and realizing your old plans for your life simply don’t fit with who you are anymore.

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2. Instant connection and attraction

This connection isn’t your cookie-cutter love at first sight. This isn't a Romeo and Juliet situation.

I would akin the first meeting to an unfathomable magnetic attraction. You’re drawn to them. They’re drawn to you. And you both can’t rationalize why either of you feel this pull toward one another.

You may come from different cultures, speak different languages, or seem like complete opposites on the surface, yet there is this undercurrent of love and acceptance for them almost instantaneously. As you talk to them, you find out you have similar passions.




When you look into their eyes, it’s like looking into a mirror and coming home. This brings up extreme attraction, but also extreme fear and confusion.

For the first time in your life, you feel content and at ease. However, all emotions are brought to the surface including the good, the bad, and the ugly — simply because both of your souls are trying to purge any negative baggage that is blocking you from loving one another unconditionally.

3. A period of letting go

Many people believe that the negative emotions and fears that are brought to the surface are a sign that you are “bad” for one another. Other people in your lives, such as friends or family, may not be able to understand it and so, they believe this person is no good for you.


It is essential to understand that this other person always looks out for you and is always wanting the best for you, even if they too are caught in their own confusion and fear. The connection is always mutual and always based in love.

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There are many articles that speak about “separation” or a stage of “running/chasing.” I’m not going to mention these stages specifically because they aren’t necessary or needed in every situation.


Just as every person on this planet is unique, every connection is unique and will follow its own journey as needed for both parties to awaken.

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4. Enlightenment

This realization that there are unhealed parts of self that need to be integrated and accepted is seen only upon the mirroring that happens between twin flames. That is what makes the connection so special and unique.

Enlightenment is all about learning to listen to yourself and your own guidance. It’s about being your own guru. It’s about listening to your heart. It’s about death and letting go and rebirth.


It’s about the beautiful blessing of having two lives in one: the life of illusion and the life of enlightenment.

5. Union/Mission

The twin flame connection defies every pre-set standard society has constructed for “romantic love.” Twin flames aren’t here to fit the mold; rather, they are here to break the rules and uplift love to its original form: partnership.



A partnership where both masculine and feminine are equal and balanced. Where one honors and uplifts the other and the other does the same. Where the masculine isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and strong, and where the feminine isn’t afraid to assert her power but also ask for help.


Twin flames are highly evolved souls who came here to break down the barriers to love. The biggest barriers of all being the ones that exist within us.

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Jiselle Henderkott is a writer, psychic medium, and spiritual life coach who covers spirituality and self-care topics. Her work has been featured in The Odyssey Online, Thought Catalog, SheRoseRevolution, and Cohabs.