9 Sweet Signs You Have A 'Soul Connection' With Your Best Friend

Your bond is spiritual, emotional, and unbreakable.

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Friendship means different things to different people, but some friendships offer a telepathic or soul connection.

A true friend may not see you for years and pick up where you left off because there is a beautiful and rare connection between you. You may yearn for your best friend because you enjoy their company so much. A close companion may even have telepathy with you and be able to predict your behavior because they know you so well.


The comfort level you have with your best friend is unmatched. Relationships you have with others may be good, but there is something different about a best friend with whom you share a soul connection.

Here are 9 signs you have a soul connection with your best friend.

1. You accept your friend for who they are

This acceptance must be mutual because if it is not, the friendship is not complete. A reciprocal feeling or bond needs to be there if there is to be a true soul connection between friends.

The mutual acceptance of each other and their general world perspective is helpful. This does not mean you must totally accept another person’s point of view, but there needs to be commonality between you.


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Mutual respect must exist before a genuine connection can be made. And, luckily, you are able to form this kind of bond with your best friend, as you accept one another for who they are deep down, no questions asked.

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2. You're empathetic toward each other's needs

This is about the emotional bond you have with another person. But it is different from simply accepting someone, because just having the same belief system is not enough.

Intellectually being a friend is important, but without the emotional component there is a missing element. Being empathetic to one another's needs mean you offer a shoulder to cry on, and vice versa. It means you both lead with compassion in the face of challenges that come your way.

It also means that you are better able to understand where you are both coming from, and is no doubt appreciated on either side.

3. You're trustworthy — and your friend has won your trust, too

This is another layer of friendship that is essential in having a soul connection. Mutual trust means that you can both keep each other’s confidence without reservation. Keeping a secret and respecting their privacy is an element of being a good friend.


The trust you share with one another is what makes your bond so strong. You are each able to confide in one another, and share your thoughts without fear of being judged or ridiculed.



4. You're honest with each other

An honest friendship means you are willing to take the risk of hurting their feelings and accepting the consequences that they may not like what you have to say. The foundation of your relationship must be very strong, because a weak friendship can end when honesty is employed in it.

This is about being able to say “no” or letting someone you value know something is not in their best interest. Sometimes, it is not possible to meet the needs of a friend because of your own circumstances. But this is when the respect from your companion needs to come into the picture.


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5. You're loyal

Having a loyal friendship means your friend can count on you in their most vulnerable moments in life. Neither of you has to worry about a secret being revealed or having to walk on eggshells around one another.

You are willing to stand up to others if your friend is accused of a misdeed. You defend your friend at all costs, whether it is over a simple misunderstanding or something much larger.

A loyal friend is dependable, as long as they are not enabling destructive behavior. And in your friendship with your bestie, rest assured you are devoted to one another in all the right ways.


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6. You're dependable

You are a reliable person and keep your word, even when it may be uncomfortable. If you are willing to get up at midnight and rescue your friend in the pouring rain, you have a friendship that is stronger than most.

One of the key signs you have a soul connection with your best friend is in your mutual ability to show up for each other. You are there in good times in bad; when they are going through a bad breakup or when they are starting a new job.


You each follow through on promises made and offer support when it matters most.

7. You're supportive, even when it's challenging

You understand your friend and are willing to listen to them, even when they may “bore” you or you do not quite agree with their thinking.

You support them when they are experiencing a loss of some kind, when they are planning a major life change, or even when they end up in the hospital. No matter the circumstances, this level of caring indicates you both see each other as an important part of your lives.



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8. You're both capable of setting boundaries

Boundaries are important in any relationship, even in friendships. Because you have those boundaries set, you will take action to prevent your friend from engaging in negative or inappropriate actions.

A best friend should not be placed in a difficult situation by another person, no matter how much they are bonded together. So, it is not a betrayal to save a person if a situation involves harm to someone.

On the contrary, enabling someone has more consequences than an intervention. Your friendship will be tested, but it is worth it to prevent a potential tragedy.


9. You're willing and able to offer forgiveness

Forgiveness is a huge part of a friendship, especially with best friends. Misunderstandings and disagreements happen between even the closest friends, but the “magic” of a relationship is when two people can forgive and forget and move on stronger than ever.

This is perhaps one of the most important signs you have a soul connection with your best friend. Many people believe they have a best friend and lose that person’s respect because a problem developed, and one or both people were unable to reconcile.

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Luckily, you are each willing to forgive one another when you make mistakes. You not only like your friend, but you have a love for them and can be vulnerable despite your discomfort.

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John Cappello, M.B. A., is a practicing psychic medium, astrologer, radio talk show host, and author of metaphysical books and children’s books about angels.