12 Signs You Met Your False Twin Flame — And What To Do Next

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Because twin flame relationships aren't necessarily romantic and are chaotic by nature, it can be easy to fall into a false twin flame relationship.

Twin flame relationships are one of the rarest types of karmic relationships characterized by their instant connection and intensity.

Each person only has one twin flame that mirrors their soul. They're loving relationships meant to bring deep insight and awareness to each twin, often plagued by many trials and tribulations along the way.

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Despite the struggles that twin flames go through together, a relationship with your true twin flame will never leave you feeling doubtful about your connection.

12 Signs You've Met Your False Twin Flame

1. They leave your life abruptly.

A false twin flame has every aspect of an actual twin flame but once they are done with you, they disappear from your life. They get what they want, then they leave.

2. Their love is conditional.

A twin flame is someone who will give you unconditional love and accept you for all your faults. If you fail, a twin flame stands by you, whereas false twins aren't accepting of any failure.

A false twin flame is a fair-weather relationship. They'll love you on their terms, but if there's a moment that you don't meet their expectations, you'll see a difference in how they act towards you.

3. They dance around commitment.

Your false twin flame will always have excuses for why they can't commit to you.

Even if your twin flame is a platonic friend, a real twin flame will not let anyone or anything come between your relationship. A false twin flame, on the other hand, will let things get in the way of a relationship with you.

4. They don't want to talk about the deep stuff.

False twin flames commonly lead people on despite being completely emotionally unavailable. They leave themselves closed off and they have all their walls up all the time.

True twin flames will let their walls down and become vulnerable with you.

5. Both their presence and their absence make you anxious.

A true twin flame feels like home and being with them doesn't require you to put on any kind of face while you're around them. Likewise, you know you can trust them fully when you're apart.

A false twin flame is just the opposite and a relationship with them doesn't feel natural. You may feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them whenever you're together, or you may start to feel insecure both in their presence and outside of it.

6. You're never quite sure where you stand with them.

When you meet your twin flame, you should feel like everything is in place. But with a false twin flame, you probably will ask yourself how you got to this point with this person in the first place.

With a false twin flame, you don't feel like there's any clarity surrounding your relationship. You probably feel stuck and like there is no clear path for your relationship, which should be the opposite.

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7. You feel like your relationship is a competition.

Your true twin flame would love to have you as an equal partner. But a false twin flame becomes threatened by your level of success in life. They become envious and they feel like it's a competition. There is no support here.

8. You grow apart instead of together.

When two people are true twin flames, their life journeys largely become one. You grow together and teach other lessons about how to make the world a better place not only for each other but more importantly, for others.

When you meet your false twin flame, you may feel stifled in your efforts to grow as a person. You may even find that while you're working to make your life better, you're doing so at the expense of others.

9. They trigger past trauma.

Twin flames often come at a time when you have conquered past issues and are ready to move on. But when you're dealing with a false twin flame, you'll see past issues arising again in this relationship.

10. They stunt your spiritual journey.

Both true and false twin flames enter your life during a period of spiritual awakening. On your true twin flame journey, you will move into a period of ascension in which you actually act on your newfound awareness.

A false twin flame, however, will hold you back from realizing true growth.

11. It's a one-sided relationship.

A true twin flame relationship goes through stages, including one in which one twin is the "runner" and one is the "chaser." This dynamic will certainly be triggered in a false twin flame relationship as well.

The difference is that this distance will never fully end the relationship between you and your true twin flame. In fact, it will make your relationship strong as you work through the issues.

With a false twin flame, however, you'll notice that you're the only one putting in the work to get your relationship back on track.

12. They fill you with doubt.

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to learn and act on the meaning of true love. A false twin flame will leave you feeling doubtful of others and yourself.

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How To Break It Off With A False Twin Flame

It's likely that you'll meet at least one false twin flame before meeting your true twin flame. While the relationships can be painful, false twin flames can help you break karmic cycles keeping you from your true twin flame.

You'll need to end your relationship with a false twin flame in order to meet your true twin flame.

It's important to follow the right steps to protect yourself and your future as well as your false twin flame, because even if they're not you're true twin flame, it's likely you still care about them on some level.

1. Stay strong in your decision to end the relationship.

Even though it's a false twin relationship, there is probably a level of love that you have for this person. Even the hardest relationships can be hard to end completely because there will be a period of time that you'll miss the person and consider working on the relationship instead of ending it.

But if you don't want to miss the opportunity to meet your true twin flame, you'll have to let your false twin flame go.

2. Establish boundaries.

Setting (and adhering to) boundaries is the most important thing to do after ending a relationship with anyone.

3. Lean on friends and family for support.

Having a support group will help you deal with the loneliness that follows a breakup and help you stay strong.

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