The High School Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fits Into

Were you a social butterfly or a drama kid?

The Clique Each Zodiac Sign Fit Into During High School getty

It seems as if high school cliques have always been part of the typical life for teenagers, and even if you weren't in one, you were fully aware of them. Though you may not have been big into astrology and horoscopes back in high school, we can use them today to determine which clique the zodiac signs definitely belonged to.

Now, when you were in a clique, you not only had friends, you had a built-in social circle and support group. Cliques helped to give you an identity and they helped you to learn how to deal with many different types of personalities.


Of course, cliques definitely had their negative qualities. They could force you to conform to their standards, they could be rough on people who they felt weren't deserving enough to be their clique, and a member or members could turn on you without you having any idea why.

While there are always the basic cliques — jocks, nerds, and social butterflies — more are created and taken away depending on the school and the time. There may have been Greasers in the 1950s, but there probably aren’t many (if any) Greasers in high school in 2018.


As difficult as it is to get out some clubs and organizations, it can be hard to switch to another clique or get out completely. It’s nice having a group of friends that you can depend on, but it’s a nightmare if that group is trying to control the way you look, think, and act. 

ARIES: Jocks

Aries individuals always have a lot of energy, and sports are a good outlet for it. They love challenge and competition and that goes right along with the athletic mentality. They may have been on a team at school or trained off campus for national competitions or the Olympics. 


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TAURUS: Trendies

Making sure that they look good and are up to date on the latest trends is important to the high school Taurus. Their outfits are on point and they're the ones who share the hottest videos and clips. Their social media presence is so good that professional influencers envy them.

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GEMINI: Speech/Debate Geeks

Speech and Debate may not sound like a clique per se, but it's the closest Gemini is going to get. In high school, they're a little too smart to be super popular and they haven't quite mastered their social game. In being involved in clubs that include competition and skill, Geminis are able to fit in and have a group of friends that they can count on.


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CANCER: Rockers or Band Geeks

If the Cancer high schooler is cool, then they're a rocker; if they're not, they're a band geek. Whichever group Cancer ends up in, it's going to have something to do with music.


They follow music carefully and always know when their favorite bands and performers are playing and when they have new music dropping. The Cancer individual is very likely to go to their room after school, put some headphones on and just listen to music. Music is their happy place.

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LEO: Drama Nerds/Thespians

The Leo teenager is happiest being on stage ,but if they can't be in the show, they don't mind working on it too. They love being part of a community and they love the attention of being center stage. Leos can sometimes be both popular and a drama nerd, but it does take some skill.

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VIRGO: Bookworms/Nerds/Math Geeks

The Virgo teen is happiest learning something and mastering it. They love being in the library or in their bedroom on the computer. They're very smart and already have a reputation for being a bit of a know-it-all. They may also be somewhat socially challenged so they do better with other nerds and geeks.

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LIBRA: Popular Kids



Libras live to be liked, and what better environment to sharpen your likability skills than high school? Libras tend to be charming and social and they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

If they're popular, they probably have friends who are even more popular than they are, so Libra isn't at the very top of the social ladder, but close. Libras need something to aspire to.

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Scorpios are easily wounded as adults, so the teen Scorpio is even more sensitive and mysterious. They want to come off as dark and intense, so they make sure their visual story goes along with that.


Since they're in high school, it doesn't take much to set them off. No one is safe from a Scorpio bad mood, and it's best to avoid pissing them off when possible. They may internalize a lot but at some point, they'll direct that negative energy at someone.

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SAGITTARIUS: Floaters/Jokesters

There isn't a clique that Sagittarius couldn't get into if they wanted, they just don't want to limit their options. They float from clique to clique and have something to say to everybody.

Adult Sagittarians don't want to feel as if they're being tied down, and teenage Sagittarius is even worse. People like Sagittarius because they're so funny and smart, and because they always knows how to lighten up a tense situation with a joke.


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CAPRICORN: Prep/Academic

A Capricorn teen is already thinking about their future: getting into good schools, having a great resume, and eventually getting a fantastic job. Because Capricorn has so much riding on how well they do in high school, they take it very seriously — too seriously, perhaps.


They make sure they get excellent grades, have the best extracurricular activities, and still have time for a part-time job. The Capricorn eyes are on the prize.

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AQUARIUS: Green Party/World Changers

They may be young, but Aquarian teenagers are already doing volunteer work and trying to save the planet and everything that lives on it. They're members of all different clubs at school, but really enjoy doing humanitarian activities or things that involve nature like the hiking or ski clubs. Aquarius teens tend to have a lot of friends but can also be by themselves. 


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PISCES: Hippie/Artsy

Yes, hippies still exist, at least as far as Pisces are concerned. They love getting wasted with friends, but their favorite thing is to get high and then do some art. Sometimes they get a little too wasted and forget about the art, but that's okay; they'll remember it next time (they rarely do).

Pisces are generous and are happy to share whatever they have that's making them happy, so they're thought of as down to earth and cool. They kind of make their own clique without meaning to.

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