Who Is Amanda Mena & How Did Mel B Clap Back At Her Bullies While Pressing The Golden Buzzer On 'America's Got Talent'?

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How Old Is Amanda Mena? How Mel B Clapped Back At Her Bullies While Pressing The 'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer

FYI, this isn't her first rodeo.

After her breathtaking performance on Tuesday's episode of "America's Got Talent", many are wondering, "How old is Amanda Mena?", as well as "Who pressed the golden buzzer for her?"

Mena, who touched the hearts of both the judges and the AGT audience while telling the story of how she overcame her difficult experience being bullied as a young child who didn't speak English when she first arrived in the United States, as a young child, is now on top of the world after Mel B smashed that golden buzzer right in the faces of those childhood bullies.

The 15-year-old from Boston sang Aretha Franklin's classic "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" — leaving the judges practically speechless.

"This is an audition we’re going to remember for a long time, Amanda," Simon Cowell said of her rendition.


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Though each judge had only positive things to say about Mena's performance, it was Mel B who made sure she progressed to the next round as a golden buzzer winner.

“My gosh, where do I start? That was just incredible," she exclaimed. “I got goose pimples all over. I love you, I love your voice, and this is what I’m going to say to all those bullies.”

She proceeded to press the golden buzzer, which sends a contestant straight to the live shows, proving that at the end of the day, those bullies' opinions are irrelevant.

Mena grew up in the Dominican Republic and knew very little English when she moved to the United States at the age of four.

The singer shared that it was the combination of music and her mother that got her through those painful childhood experiences with bullying.

"Music was always there for me when I was little," she told Denny Directo from "Entertainment Tonight."

"I loved listening to people like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, I just thought they were powerful woman role models. So in times like that where I didn't feel so amazing about myself, I would just look to them and kind of be like, 'One day, I want to be like them and follow that example.'"

It wasn't easy for Mena to get where she is today, but she certainly managed to follow her role models' examples.

"When I was younger, I had a hard time showing who I was," Mena explained. "I was afraid; I was ashamed to express myself the way that I wanted to. So, definitely, going up on that stage it was a goal for me. I was able to tell all the bullies, 'I can do it. I can.'"


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This isn't the first award Mena has won over judges and crowds with her beautiful voice.

When she was 11-years-old, North Shore Magazine reports, Mena took home the grand prize on "La Voz Kids", the Spanish version of ''The Voice Kids."

The fifth-grader blew judges away with her versions of songs such as "I’ll be There” by The Jackson 5 and "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson.

After wowing the crowd and judges all season long, Mena was awarded a $50,000 scholarship, a $10,000 cash prize, and a recording contract with Universal Music Latin Group.

Winning once wasn't enough for her, it seems, as now she's put her focus on gaining an even bigger title as the winner of "America's Got Talent."

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She also wants to encourage others to follow their dreams and do what they love.

"There's a lot of girls that don't feel good about themselves and don't feel beautiful," Mena told ET.

"I want to put in my music things that inspire them to believe that they are amazing … You just have to believe in yourself and have people that love you around you and positive people. Just grow yourself to be an amazing person."


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