14 (Hilarious) Times Instagram Sensation Mila Stauffer Understood Adulting Better Than The Rest Of Us

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Instagram Celebrity Mila Stauffer Emma Stauffer Understood "Adulting"

She just ...gets it.

Little Mila Stauffer may only be 3 years old, but that hasn’t stopped her from gaining over 5 million Instagram followers and taking the world by storm.

She has helped her mother be able to quit her job outside the home as an escrow officer and instead stay home with Mila, her twin sister Emma, and their three older siblings.

Now, Katie Stauffer (Mila’s mom) works from home with Mila and her twin sister Emma making a living on Instagram. Plus, companies have recently started hiring the Stauffer family for advertisements (companies like Amazon, Nest, Dollar Rental Car, Macy’s and Walmart). Katie and the twins have been so successful, in fact, that Katie has reported that she earns more than her husband (who is a doctor).

Three year old Mila and her 95 year old great grandfather ALMOST connect!!

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Mila’s fame started early (you can literally find her being born via c-section on YouTube — I looked). Little Mila and her sister Emma started making videos basically as soon as they could talk. Before long they were a hit and marketers took notice.

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They’re grown-up-like conversations have amused their audience ever since. Enjoying making videos more than her twin sister, Emma, little Mila has basically become the face of her mother’s YouTube channel and Instagram (although both girls are still quite popular).  

And with how adorable, witty, and hilarious she is; it’s no surprise why. With her signature double bun look and sassy personality — she makes everyone feel better every day her mommy includes her in a post.

Her most recent work was with her sister and Purposeful Rescues (and now both Mila and Emma want a dog – oops).

Mila inspires people to smile, to laugh, and to not take themselves so darn seriously all while being funny and occasionally even being a good example.

Check out the 14 times Mila Stauffer and her sister Emma understood adulthood better than most grownups!

1. When she summed up how it feels when strangers try to engage you in conversation.

This one is one of my favorites. If only it was OK for grownups to poop their pants to get out of conversations *wink, wink*.

2. She knows how to “belax”

Best way to combat stress? Mila seems to think it’s an avocado mask that’s “totally your color”. We could all learn something from little Mila. “You just got to set your goals, you know?”

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3. When she summed up why I still don’t have kids.

Because it’s “too much work!” Plus, I think all grownups frequently think the line Mila just says – “is it nap time yet?”

FYI - the twins joke is funny because little Mila is a twin (she’s hilarious).

4. She summed up how it feels to try to “budget” in your 20’s.

The line that really reins true for those of us still trying to make it and budget in our 20’s - “I’m not qualified?! Whatever!” Little Mila is always on point.

5. We all know people like this.

Little Mila nails what annoying (borderline toxic) friendships are like. “So, one up yours, Karen.”

6. She perfectly described those stressful days.

“I can’t take this! It’s making me a mess!” Remember on your stressed-out days to keep it “Mila real”.

7. She even understands coffee (even though she’s probably not allowed to drink it).

With lines like “Coffee is survival juice. I know you hear me.” And ending on the line “Wanna hear a joke? Decaf.” we are all aware that little Mila understands the importance of coffee even though she’s too young to drink it.

8. When she summed up why almost no one keeps their gym membership.

Little Mila perfectly summed up why I do yoga in the privacy of my own home with the line - “You know what yoga is? It’s hineys in your face.”

9. When she had the guts to point out how no one keeps their New Years resolutions.

Mila points out something that has bothered me since I was a kid! That almost no one keeps their “New Year’s Resolutions”. I can literally only think of one person, one time who has kept one. Preach, Mila, Preach!

10. She calls people out who are “mean” to her.

Mila is a good example for standing up for yourself. Sure, you shouldn’t blame people unless they actually did something, but at least Mila doesn’t take crap from anyone! My favorite line - “He teases me all the time! I’m done with it!”

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11. She summed up what it’s like dating a “sports guy”.

Mila perfectly sums up why I’ve never been into guys who like sports (and the struggle girls who do face like … every day). She perfectly points out the problem with guys that like fantasy football with the line - “Your team isn’t real. If you win, you’re still a loser.”

12. She summed up the misery of a heat wave.

With the line, “My popsicle can’t even keep it together.” Mila connects to everyone who can’t take the heat during the summer months (especially for those who live in desert climates).

13. She sums up the struggles of going camping.

Personally, I love going camping. But little Mila DID point out the parts I dislike about it with lines like: “You know why they call this a sleeping bag? Because it’s going to put bags under your eyes by morning.” And, “When I camp, I look at the beautiful stars and think about how nice it would be to have Wi-Fi and a shower!”

14. She sums up how dreadful airport security is.

Little Mila may be a bit dramatic on occasion (we all can be, right?); but I don’t think anyone thinks she’s being THAT dramatic about her stance on airport security. Even when she remarks, “It’s mortifying”.

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