New Details About How Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Shookus Have Teamed Up To 'Control' Ben Affleck

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They are forbidding him from ranting on social media.

It is never a good thing when two women a man is intimately involved with team up against you because you're behaving badly in their eyes. I mean, how bad does it have to be for that to happen? But that is exactly what has happened to Ben Affleck. His ex-wife Jennifer Garner and his current girlfriend Lindsay Shookus are both concerned about the troubled actor's social media content. Clearly, they don't want him to go full Kanye West. And who can blame them for that?

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1. What's going on with Ben?

Ben recently took to Instagram to rant about paparazzi who took photos of him going to church with his kids Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. 

"Still not sure what is urgently newsworthy about a middle aged man taking his kids to church," he captioned the photo below. 

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2. His girlfriend called him out for that right away. 

A source claims that his 37-year-old girlfriend, Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Shookus immediately called him out for that. Reportedly, Lindsay was worried about him coming off negatively like other celebrities when they take to social media to air their grievances. (Kanye, looking at you.) She told him it doesn't make him look good. They supposedly argued about it. 

3. His ex-wife was furious.

Affleck's ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, was furious over the Instagram post. She believes a post like that is irresponsible because by taunting the paparazzi it just brings more attention to him and their kids. Basically, she'd prefer Ben pull his online shenanigans when he's not with their three children. 

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4. It's been a year since Garner and Affleck ended their marriage.

On April 13, 2017 Garner and Affleck formally decided to end their marriage. We say end because they are not quite divorced yet. They had been married for 10 years and it had been almost two years since they announced their split and then continued to live together. They seem to have a fairly well-adjusted relationship co-parenting their three children, 12-year-old Violet, 9-year-old Seraphina, and 6-year-old Samuel. In fact, the family spent Easter weekend together in Hawaii. Affleck was there shooting the movie Triple Frontier.

5. Lindsay was also in Hawaii.

Just before Jennifer and the kids flew to Hawaii to have some family time with Ben, his girlfriend Lindsay also visited him. 

6. To be fair, we can see Ben's point.

Every single Sunday when Affleck is in town, he takes his kids to a Methodist church in Pacific Palisades. Sometimes Jennifer joins them. This week, she was spending time at her family's farm in Oklahoma with her mother, so Ben took the kids to church alone.

Every single Sunday, the paparazzi have the church staked out waiting to get a photo of Ben and/or Jen with their children. We get it — that IS annoying. Especially considering that Garner was a leading force in getting legislation passed to end the threatening behavior of paparazzi towards the children of celebrities. 

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7. Have Jennifer and Lindsay met?

Ben made that whole situation sticky. Ben was still attempting to reconcile with Jennifer when he began dating Shookus. This initially made Garner wary of her. But the two ladies in Affleck's life finally met last November. 

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8. Are Jennifer and Lindsay allies?

Well ... it depends on how you define that. Do they both want Ben to present himself in the best possible light? Yes. But they each have different reasons. Lindsay is concerned about his brand and how he's perceived. (That's not to say that she isn't also concerned about his kids — we assume she is — but can't really know without talking to her.) Jennifer is concerned about their children.

It was foolish of Ben to taunt the paparazzi when his kids were right there with him. But it is also understandable considering it has been happening week in and week out. Come on paparazzi, its a family going to church. Leave them alone. 

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