The Funny Mother's Day Drinking Game That Gives You An Excuse To Drink More Mimosas

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The Funny Mother's Day Drinking Game That Gives You An Excuse To Drink More Mimosas

Mimosas for everyone!

Because it's a holiday. So, of course, you're drinking . . .

Take a drink every time you hear the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day!” And yes, this includes anything you hear on the radio or television today. 

Take a drink if you find yourself at Hallmark at 9 am scrambling to find a Mother’s Day card. You didn’t forget . . . you just tend to wait until the last minute to do things. 

Finish your drink if all the Mother’s Day cards were gone, so you had to get a birthday card. It’s still cute, though. 

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Take a shot for every person who tried. 

Take a drink for every hour you wait for your mom to even wake up.

Take a drink for every breakfast in bed selection mom didn’t even eat.

Take a drink if the food she didn’t eat was whatever you made. 

Take a drink for every slice of bacon you snuck in that was actually meant for your mom. You’re not a bad person, it’s literally in your blood. So in the end, it’s kind of her fault. Take another drink and thank her for your involuntary need to put every bacon in your mouth. 

Did your mom get a lot of flowers? Ok, count how many flowers are in each bouquet she got, and take a drink for each one.

 Take a drink if you run out of alcohol. 

Chug your drink during the inevitable “who’s gonna go get more orange juice and mimosas” argument, so it doesn’t have to be you. 

Ok. The mimosas materials have officially run out, and you’re waiting for the refill. While you wait, have some water. You need it because you’ve had a lot to drink at this point.

 Take a drink every time a family member (who is obviously not your mom) annoys you. 

Take a drink for every present your mom gets. 

If she’s gotten more presents than you got for your birthday, take a drink. 

More than you got on Christmas when you were a kid? Take a drink.

Ok. You’re being selfish. Your mom deserves all the freaking gifts that exist. She carried you inside of her body for nine freaking months.

Chug for every card your mom reads out loud. 

If there's a little one in the family, take a drink for every DIY card and arts and crafts gift.

 Take a drink if you don’t really understand what’s so great about your mom’s favorite food, which you’re obviously having for dinner tonight. 

Take a drink every time someone mentions how great these mimosas are. 

That awkward moment when everyone is on their phones and all is silent? Finish your drink and make everyone put their phones away so they pay attention to all the moms in the room.

Oh, but before you do that, take a drink for every Mother’s Day post on Instagram and Facebook. 

Take a drink for every person at the dinner table. If your family is huge . . . so sorry, but rules are rules. 

Take a drink every time your mom hides an insult in a compliment.

Take a shot when your mom inevitably hints that she just wants you to have grandkids already. Take another shot if you're single right now, so that's not really even in the cards at all. 

Take a drink every time you wish the day after Mother’s Day was a bank holiday so you wouldn’t have to go anywhere tomorrow. 

Take a drink if more than one person tried to get up the earliest to make mom breakfast in bed.

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