Heartbreaking New Details About The Parents Who Beat Their Toddler To Death And Claimed It Was An Accident That Only Happened "One Time"

Photo: Brown County Jail
Juan Maravilla, Sarah Kairys

Investigators said it's the worst case of child abuse they've ever seen.

A Wisconsin couple is facing jail time after police say they beat a 15-month-old girl to death. 

On May 25, 2017, Sarah L. Kairys, 30, took her daughter to the hospital and claimed she was sick and had fallen down the stairs. However, a blood test revealed that the little girl had already been dead for over an hour. 

According to a criminal complaint, doctors said the baby was covered in bruises and what looked like bite marks. 

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Kairys' boyfriend, 31-year-old Juan J. Maravilla, also stuck to the story that the girl had gotten into an accident. However, Kairys later told police that she believed he was responsible for her daughter's death. 

According to her, he had been acting angry and the baby was getting bruised. 

Maravilla admitted to police during an interview a month after the murder that he had hit the little girl in the head, but was adamant that it only happened once. 

"I smacked her up because I got mad," he said. "I just got mad and I accidentally hit her. I didn't mean for this (expletive). I didn't want her to go (die) . . She died, man. She's dead." 

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He also admitted that he had pushed the child down the stairs. 

An autopsy report finished in April this year showed that the girl had several broken bones in various stages of healing and puncture wounds in her bowel. Her cause of death was ruled as blunt force injuries to the head and torso that cause shock, cerebral edema, and multiorgan failure.

It also revealed that the child had no food in her stomach.  

While incarcerated, Maravilla's cellmate told police that he had admitted to kicking the baby on a separate occasion and also dropped her before. 

He was also apparently was aware of the child's death when Kairys woke him up to tell him something was wrong. 

"The trauma that led to this little girl's death, it's very disturbing," said Lt. Rick Belanger of the Green Bay Police Department. "There are some things I think as parents, you know, kids get an injury, they get hurt, there's an accident, this is clearly not an accident."

Maravilla faces charges of reckless homicide and child abuse. Kairys faces charges of child neglect resulting in the death of a child and failure to prevent bodily harm to a child, as party to a crime. 

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