People With The Most Charming Personality Type Share These 5 Dark Traits

The Protagonist has quite a dark side.

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The Myers-Briggs personality types are aimed at finding out your specific personality traits. Though there are 16 total personality types someone can fall under, ENFJs are by far the most charming, social, and friendly humanitarians.

Known as the Protagonist, the ENFJ personality type has a lot of really great qualities. While they have nice strengths, there are also weaknesses to account for, including being overly idealistic, too selfless, and fluctuating self-esteem.


With anything, there's always negative aspects of a personality. Because nobody is perfect.

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5 Dark Traits of the ENFJ Personality Type

1. Pushy

Protagonists believe in others, which is great, but that also means this personality type can push people beyond their limits. Though this pushiness comes from a place of intuition and motivation, ENFJs often rub people the wrong way.


ENFJs want their loved ones to be successful and take the correct path, but they don't always realize that not everyone wants what the ENFJ wants. And if someone isn't ready or willing, it can cause problems.

2. Indecisive

ENFJs tend to struggle very intensely when faced with making a decision, usually one that is major and could impact their lives in the long-run. Because they consider all their options and possible outcomes, making one choice is just not an option.

But their indecisive nature can cause other problems. ENFJs tend to put the problems of others onto themselves. By doing so, ENFJs are at risk of being held back by the limitations of others.

3. Non-confrontational

In relationships, ENFJs want to make sure their partners are happy, but sometimes it's at the cost of their own well-being. If they are not careful, that eagerness to please and sacrifice their own needs can lead to resentment.


Though they tend to be great at making friends and really put in the effort to maintain relationships with people, their optimism and enthusiasm for self-improvement isn't always a match with the people around them.

There are other Myers-Briggs types who are more comfortable with the status quo, so it's best for ENFJs to not get too caught up in wanting to help during a conflict.

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4. Overly sensitive

Related to their fear of conflict and intuitive nature, this gets in the way of ENFJ's ability to parent and discipline their children.

Kids need discipline and structure, but this isn't a strong suit of the ENFJ. Conflict makes them uncomfortable in any situation, but as parents, it can lead to them becoming taken advantage of or just giving up on discipline altogether.


ENFJs also struggle with their children becoming independent and rebellious. Because they are overly-sensitive, they take criticisms from their kids more personally.

5. Doormat

This personality type has a terrible habit of underestimating themselves, especially in work situations.

ENFJs are eager and willing to help, but sometimes this can lead to receiving too much work and feeling overwhelmed. What makes matters worse is that they avoid conflict by not speaking up and continuing to accept the extra work, even if it's too much for them to handle.


They see the glass half-full, but that idealism can also be considered a liability.

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