Kate Gosselin's New Dating Reality Show And 15 Awkward Details About Her Love Life And Kids

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kate gosselin new reality show

She's back at the reality game again — and this time she's looking for love.

Kate Gosselin is back and she's getting her own dating series! Now that her kids are all teenagers (Cara and Maddie are heading to college next year), Kate is ready to put herself out there again and maybe find love again. Kate Gosselin's dating reality show is called Kate Plus Date  — airing on TLC, of course — and is expected to premiere in the fall.

Kate says her children are ready for her to find love. In a few years, Kate will be an empty-nester, so having a partner to spend time with might be beneficial. She admits that she's "excited," but also "nervous." While we impatiently wait to see how this new show plays out, let's look at 15 cringe-y things you need to know about the infamous mom of eight. 

1. She & Jon Gosselin split in 2009.

Much to the surprise of many, Jon and Kate Gosselin decided to go their separate ways back in 2009. It was Kate who filed for divorce.

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2. They made the announcement on television.

Kate and her now-ex-husband sat on opposite sides of the interview couch and told the watching world that they'd decided to split.

3. Kate went on to film more reality shows with her kids.

Not willing to give up her life in the spotlight, Kate inked a deal with TLC to keep herself and her eight kids on television. TLC changed the name of the family's reality show from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to simply, Kate Plus 8. The family films about once a year these days.

A post shared by Kate Gosselin (@kateplusmy8) on Mar 23, 2017 at 12:39pm PDT

4. Her son, Collin, is away at some sort of boarding school.

Noticeably absent from family photos and the family's reality show is Kate and Jon's son, Collin. That's because Collin was sent to a boarding school where he gets 'the help that he needs'. As for what exactly is going on with Collin, that's still a bit of a mystery. Kate revealed that her son had been "struggling," and that he has "special needs."

A post shared by Kate Gosselin (@kateplusmy8) on Jul 28, 2017 at 4:38pm PDT

5. She's estranged from her family.

Kate doesn't have a relationship with her parents or with her sister. In 2014, Kate's sister, Kendra, told the Daily Mail that she hasn't spoken to Kate in six years.

"Kate does not speak to her family at all. It is very painful," Kendra told the outlet.

6. She's a control freak.

Over the years, Kate has managed to stay on top of her huge family by always being in control — or trying to be, anyway. She is very organized and runs her home on a schedule that seems to work for her family.

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7. She's been romantically linked to her bodyguard, Steve Neild, for years...

Ever since Kate's divorce from Jon, she has been linked to her longtime bodyguard, Steve Neild. Although both Kate and Steve have denied the rumors over the years, stories keep popping up from time to time.

8. ....but he's married and has a family.

Steve Neild is married and has a family of his own. Kate has said that she is close to Steve's family, and to his wife, Gina Downie.

9. She used to be a nurse.

Before Kate became a mom of eight, she went to nursing school and got a job as an RN. She left her job to stay home and care for her children. Once Kate was offered a reality show, she decided not to go back to nursing.

10. She doesn't have as much money as you might think. 

One might think that Kate Gosselin has a lot of money, with all the television shows that she has done, but she's not worth as much as you might think. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her estimated net worth is around $200,000.

11. She was on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars.

Aside from doing her own show on TLC, Kate has also competed on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With the Stars. Gosselin was fired by Donald Trump after her team lost a task when she was project manager. As for Dancing With the Stars, Kate was partnered with Tony Dovolani, and the pair was eliminated in Week 5.

12. Jon doesn't like the spotlight. 

Meanwhile, Kate's ex-husband has remained out of the spotlight, which was something he wanted. When the two split, it was beyond clear that Jon didn't want anything to do with the reality television life that had captivated his then-wife.

13. He's held a few different jobs since leaving television. 

That said, that doesn't mean that Jon has had the easiest time finding work. Since his split from Kate, he's done quite a few things like work at a T.G.I. Fridays and even DJ at local clubs in Pennsylvania.

14. And he has dated a few women.

Jon also didn't waste too much time getting back on the market following his divorce. He has dated a few women over the years, many of whom have met his children. He has been dating Colleen Conrad since 2015. Conrad recently obtained her Masters in nursing.

A post shared by Jon Gosselin (@jongosselin1) on Jun 12, 2017 at 5:55pm PDT

15. You either love her, or you hate her.

Kate is one of those people that you either love or you hate; there's really no in between. Some people think that her personality is fantastic, while other people find her to be too much. One thing is for sure: TLC loves Kate and she brings in good ratings. If she didn't, she probably wouldn't be getting a new show.

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