27 Amazing Wrist Tattoos For People With A Serious Case Of Wanderlust

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wrist tattoos

Inspiration and motivation are wherever you decide to roam.

Wrist tattoos — how cute are they?! Tattoo enthusiasts and even those who are a little scared of commitment can appreciate a simple wrist tattoo, right?

They are cute and petite and a great way to showcase your personality. Many people get different styles of tattoos that mean something close to their heart. It's an outward symbol of your inner love for anything that is deeply personal to you. 

And for all of you wanderlusters out there, what better way to show off your one true love than with the best wrist tattoos around? A tiny travel wrist tattoo gives you total style points while providing daily inspiration for you between your adventures.

Adventure gets you going and makes you feel alive. What's life without a little excitement? You've gotta do what makes you feel absolutely happy with no apologies. The world is your oyster and you've got the motivation of travel to prove it. 

We all get discouraged sometimes in our travel adventures — sometimes we get intimidated by all the planning, or maybe it's simply a matter of money (or the lack of it, anyway). But instead of getting caught up in the little details, it is better to be happy and appreciative of having the opportunity to be able to travel, even if it takes a bit of time to actually travel. 

Or maybe you're like most of us and you're sitting in a cube on the 9 to 5 grind, daydreaming — instead of working — about the next time you might get to hop on that plane and lose track of time. It keeps you going to think that there possibly will be a chance to have a tiny sliver of excitement in the near future. 

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Let your wrist tattoo serve as a daily reminder that you’ll get back out there again, eventually. Whenever you look at it, it can remind you to keep going. Because all of the small and petty things in life can add up and make it a bit overwhelming. This tattoo is just a big way to keep you grounded

If you are thinking about getting a travel wrist tattoo, here are 27 gorgeous examples of what’s possible. Even if you don’t think you’ll go through with the ink, at least let these wrist tattoo photos serve as a little bit of inspiration to book a plane ticket and get out there!

1. Plane in a heart
Photo: Pinterest 

Traveling not only makes you happy, but you absolutely LOVE it. And for a good reason.

2. Minimilist plane
Photo: Pinterest 

The tiny plane tattoo showcases your big desire to see the world.

3. Fancy compass
Photo: Storenvy

This tattoo is BEAUTIFUL and perfect for a wrist.

4. Unique compass
Photo: Poptattoos

Your unique personality shine through this cool design.

5. Travel designs and wanderlust
Photo: Pinterest 

This is an interesting tattoo and perfect for your desire to explore.

6. Minimilist wanderlust text
Photo: Pinterest 

It's true what they say: not all those who wander are lost.

7. Plane flying over the world
Photo: Pinterest

The world is your oyster.

8. Quote about wanderlust
Photo: Pinterest

Everyone will be green with envy at your colorful tattoo.

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9. Map of the world
Photo: Pinterest

It's hard to put your wanderlust into a tattoo but this is pretty close.

10. Plane flying over cloud
Photo: Pinterest

The plane is heading into the direction of your next travel conquest.

11. Stamps from a passport
Photo: Pinterest 

This tattoo is perfect to express the world traveler you are.

12. Arrows
Photo: Pinterest 

These are the right fit for someone with your personality.

13. Mountain and adventure
Photo: Pinterest 

Adventure is what you are meant for.

14. Dream catcher
Photo: Pinterest 

Wandering around the world seems like a great idea.

15. Map of your next adventure
Photo: Polyvore

The world is at the palm of your hand... or right below it.

16. Flying plane
Photo: Pinimg

Just look at the tattoo when you are dreaming about your next vacay.

17. Plane and passport stamp
Photo: Playbuzz

Stamp this tattoo, but it's a little more permanent.

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18. Minimilist arrow compass
Photo: Feedpuzzle

Let the compass lead you where your heart desires.

19. Adventure and compass
Photo: Littletattoos

Adventure time is just around the corner.

20. The world
Photo: Tattooblend

You can fit the world on your body — plus, it's cute too!

21. Hot air balloon
Photo: Littletattoos

The sky is the limit with this tattoo.

22. Skyline
Photo: Popsugar

Choose your favorite city and have it permanently inked on your wrist.

23. Sailboat
Photo: Theodysseyonline

Set sail for the time of your life.

24. Passport stamps
Photo: Tattooblend

You can get one for every country you have been to.

25. Paper plane
Photo: Tattoodo

Let the paper airplane be a place holder for the real one.

26. Colorful plane
Photo: Littletattoos

This tattoo is just a little preview for what you are dreaming of.

27. Coordinates
Photo: Cosmopolitan

Who knew that longitude and latitude could be so adorable?

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