How Mercury Moving Into Aries (And Squaring Mars And Saturn!) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign And Challenge Your Relationships This Week

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Mercury moves into Aries
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We find the true strength of our relationships within the hardest of times.

On April 4th and 5th, when Mercury moves into Aries, our relationships will take a hit. Not only that, but Mercury squares Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, making these quick-moving transits.

But because both of them are occurring this week, it will heavily affect our zodiac signs and, ultimately, our love horoscopes. Because these astrological events will impact how we relate to those we are in relationship with.

In astrology, a square is an aspect where all the planets and their influences are opposed and the energy of them struggle together. In many ways this alignment is always considered a difficult influence in astrology; however, it's even more so with this particular transit because of the difficult nature of Aries and Capricorn.

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Currently, Mercury is in retrograde, which means that he’s moving through these aspects quickly and in that illusion of reversal. What is interesting is how these alignments occur point to us almost have to go back over hard times that we thought were already behind us.

Most of the time, there are positive and hard times to each transit, and like anything in life it is what we make of it. But during the next week, we are going to have to be careful with our words and our tempers.

It’s going to seem like certain issues come back up — arguments that we thought were settled, situations that we had found a solution to. Any sort of conflict or arrangement within our partnerships that we recently had to bring resolve to will be highlighted.

Sometimes when we have Mercury retrogrades and we revisit certain issues, it’s because we needed to bring greater clarity and to re-look at what we thought we had figured out. However, these transits are a little different; it’s almost as if we need to see if we can make it through the roughest waters in our relationships before moving on to that new beginning that will ripen around the time of the 15th.

In truth, we have only two weeks until the tides turn and Mercury once again moves direct, and we have our start of the astrological New Year, the new moon in Aries. Until then, however, we are going to be tested. Things are not going to appear straightforward, nor will the next few days be easy on us. Instead, as before any new beginning, we need to make sure we’re actually ready to take it.

The double event of Mercury and the new moon is the point that many astrologers have had on their calendars for some time, noted as the period in which our entire lives truly have the ability to change direction. And the great news is that, as you read this, we’re already within this window of time.

There has been so much happening this year that in order for us to truly be able to move forward into our future, we need to reflect on where we’ve been. But unfortunately, during this transit we are going to be thinking of the moments that hurt the most, that scared us deeply, and that brought us the most heartbreak and tears.

To try to stay focused in the positive will almost be a game of futility, because unfortunately, we need this time.

Mars is the planet of ambition and sexuality, the center of our life energy, while Saturn is the planet of boundaries. And in our karmic lineage in hard-pressed signs like Aries and Capricorn, neither will be playing games.

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Mars is going to be giving us an extra "oomph" of physical energy, resulting in us needing to release it in healthy ways — either through exercise or passionate sex; otherwise, it could transmit as anger and frustration. Sometimes we often joke about being sexually frustrated, yet during this time, it’s a very real possibility.

In combination with Saturn in Capricorn, who is all business, we are going to risk becoming frustrated by a lack of forward movement, a sense of rigidity, and could lash out both verbally or through making quick ill-fated decisions.

This is the type of energy that could find us hanging up and blocking our lovers on social media one minute, only to regret it the next. We could find ourselves becoming more quickly angered and wanting to make split-second decisions.

Unfortunately, it’s the energy that could lead to a lot of break ups, not necessarily because the relationship was doomed but because both people became stubborn and let their tempers get carried away. It’s going to be important to remain aware of our emotions and remember that anger itself is always a secondary emotion, never a primary one.

When we become triggered and feel angry, that really means something else set us off and we don’t feel like we are getting what we need. This might be understanding on an issue, help with something, clarity in a relationship, or even just more quality time and affection with the person that we care about.

But regardless of the reason why, it’s important to be able to pinpoint where the anger is coming from so that it can be acknowledge and expressed in a more appropriate way.

There’s a difference in yelling, “We never do anything together anymore,” versus saying, “I’d really like to spend more time with you.” It’s all in our deliverance as to whether our message is truly heard or not.

During the next week when Mercury moves into Aries and Mercury squares Mars and Saturn, try to stay out of arguments and keep conflict at bay. Even if you have to bite your tongue in the process, you’ll have a chance to clear the air in the coming weeks.

However, if we do feel triggered, try to sort out where those feelings are coming from and then resist making any hasty decisions that you will most likely regret later. The reality is that we need to experience hard times, because it’s only within those moments that we find out the true strength of our relationships

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