New Details Reveal How A Man Murdered His Wife By Using An Explosive As A Sex Toy

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He told police he was too drunk to remember what happened.

A Peruvian man was arrested after police say he killed his wife by using an explosive device as a sex toy. 

Ruben Valera Cornejo is accused of putting a mortar bomb in his wife's vagina while in their home in Arequipa, Peru. The woman has not been named. 

According to Cornejo, she asked him to use various household objects as sex toys.

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He says he's too drunk to remember exactly what happened, and police say his wife's sexual requests still don't explain why he used a bomb. 

Cornejo says he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he noticed his wife was unresponsive. He's maintained his innocence in her death since his arrest. 

Javier Arana, the Arequipa police chief, described the bomb as large, around 16 inches long and two inches wide. And the woman didn't die because the device went off. She died as a result of wounds caused by the device itself. 

“Painkillers were also found and it is believed they were used to control the pain,” Arana said.

Police also said they found the device — which was covered in blood and other DNA from the woman — in a handbag along with other sex toys. 

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The device was also inactive and was used as an ornament in their home. 

Though still maintaining that he did not mean to kill his wife, Cornejo was arrested on suspicion of murder. Police haven't stated if they thought the incident was premeditated. 


The woman's father, Washington Llerena, believes Cornejo is guilty. 

“He should be jailed for what he did with my daughter," he said. "I will keep on fighting until the end."

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