4 Major Health Benefits Of Kombucha (And What It Actually Is)

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4 Major Health Benefits Of Kombucha (And What It Actually Is)
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Bacteria and yeast — sounds great, right?

By Sam Decker

I know what you’re thinking, “Ew, what?”, and believe me, I was once in your shoes too. However, once I learned the health benefits of Kombucha, a tea filled with hidden nutrients, I knew my well-being would change for the better. I am here to tell you why you should incorporate Kombucha teas into your weekly diet ASAP!

First things first: what is kombucha?

Kombucha is a tea made up of bacteria and yeast and is sometimes referred to as “mushroom tea.” So, most of us had sipped on a beer or wine or some other ‘yeasty’ beverage, and sipping on Kombucha isn’t much different!

In fact, if you purchase a true Kombucha beverage (unpasteurized, we will get into that later), there is .5 percent natural fermentation. This also means if you purchase a true beverage, you must drink it in a reasonable time post-purchase… once fermentation begins, it doesn’t stop!

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Still not convinced as to why you would drink such an odd beverage? That’s okay. Here are just a few of the many benefits that may spike your interest:

1. Kombucha prevents and manages blood pressure all the way to extremes, like cancer.

2. How often do you think about your guts’ health? Kombucha contains high-levels of beneficial acids, enzymes, amino acids, and probiotics — all of the ingredients your gut needs in order to remain healthy!

3. Your cardiovascular system is undoubtedly one of the most valuable parts for consideration when maintaining a healthy you. Drinking Kombucha regularly is known to lower cholesterol, something everyone should be aware of!

4. My favorite… my liver. My sweet, sweet liver. Man, that girl takes a punch! I enjoy my wine and IPA’s, but dang… I need to treat my liver right if I want to continue enjoying those savory treats. Kombucha is your ticket! As mentioned before, Kombucha contains many beneficial nutrients that will give your liver the cleanse it needs in order to be a well-oiled machine.

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You’re still reading, so you must be interested. As promised, let’s talk about unpasteurized vs. pasteurized Kombucha.

Like milk, there are choices of what type of beverage you choose. Personally, I choose the unpasteurized. Why? Many know that pasteurized simply means the product has been “cooked.” Therefore, all of the active ingredients that create the super nutritions in this beverage are cooked out and no longer active.

I want the full heart-healthy, lung-cleansing, and liver-clearing effect, so I stick to the natural product.

Obviously, I am no doctor. By no means am I saying this power beverage will make you immortal of any and all disease… definitely not.

What I am saying is, knowing this beverage is natural and available for $3-$5 at most local natural food stores, it’s silly to not be proactive in our personal health! Kombucha is only one of my many ways of keeping my body healthy, what are your tips and tricks?

Pro-tip: to avoid negative side effects, I recommend drinking 10-16 oz when you are first giving Kombucha a try! Like many health routines, easing them into your lifestyle is done best at a moderately easy pace. Enjoy!

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