Kylie Jenner Might Have Secretly Revealed Her Baby Girl's Name In Her New Makeup Palette

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The NICE Palette features two girl names.

Kylie Jenner has had a thing for naming her cosmetic products after family members and pets — and now maybe her future daughter? She may have revealed her future baby girl’s name during a sneak peak of her latest holiday collection.

Jenner, who is having her first baby with rapper Travis Scott, hasn't officially confirmed that she is preggers, but according to Radar, she is planning to show off her baby bump in a “tasteful” nude photo shoot.


She has been keeping her pregnancy off the radar but has been dropping hints about the gender and name all over the place, especially on social media.

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The 20-year-old has left clues for her loyal fans that the baby, supposedly due early next year, is a girl and recent Kylie Cosmetics product names have been hinting some possible names.

Kylie is having a lot of fun picking out items for her baby. She’s definitely leaning towards pink hues and having fun with the fact that she’s having a girl,” a source told PEOPLE.


Her new holiday collection of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and concealers boast names that could very easily be the name of a little girl.

Jenner has named shades of her products after relatives she holds close to her heart like her grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell, her childhood pup Dolce K, her nephew, Saint, and more.

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But she has also featured what could be a ton of girls names throughout her collections, especially her latest addition, The NICE Palette. This new collection of eyeshadows has shades named Holly and Ginger Snap, both of which could easily be names for a holiday baby, minus the “snap.”


If you look through previous Kylie Cosmetics collections you’ll find a good amount of possible girl names as well. Her Kyshadow palette, Royal Peach, launched at the start of 2017, could also be used for a baby girl’s name – Peach.

A concealer the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star released today is named Pearl, which could also be a name for the expecting Jenner’s first child. The description even says “peach,” describing the concealer as “a light pink with peach undertones.”

Jenner also has lip kits called Hazel, Harmony, Rosie, and Angel, and a concealer called Amber — all of which could be a girl’s name.

Obviously, we won’t find out the name of Jenner’s bundle of joy until she is born. So we'll just have to keep checking Kylie Snapchat until then. 

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