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The One Quality You Need In A Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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what each zodiac sign needs in a partner

As we go through life, we don’t always know what it is that we want in a partner and we make mistakes along the way, sometimes going for people who don’t have any of the traits we want because they’re hot and we’re attracted to them.

Being with someone who turns you on has its merits and can be fun for a time, but for the long haul you need someone who is more than just a pretty face. Your horoscope will say much of the same to point you in the right direction.

You might know right away that you have to be with someone trustworthy and faithful, or it might take being involved with a shady player for you to realize that you can’t tolerate someone who disrespects you that way. Once you’ve been cheated on, you will do whatever you can to avoid being placed in that situation again.

The best thing is when you know exactly what qualities you need in a partner. I know people who have partners that don’t have the traits they are looking for, so the person tries to change and mold their partner into the kind of person they want, which never works out well. You can't expect someone to change just because that’s what you want.

It’s better knowing what each zodiac sign needs in a partner and then look for someone who has that quality. And leave it to astrology to help you out in that department.

ARIES: You need someone who is multi-faceted.

You need someone who can not only keep up with you energize-wise, but someone who will keep you on your toes and challenge you. Face it, you'd get bored with someone who wasn't versatile and up for trying new things.

You need a person who has many different interests — some the same as yours but other ones too. You need them to have an inner curiosity and lust for life. You want a partner to go on adventures with and someone who will have their own adventures as well.

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TAURUS: You need someone who is easy-going.

You tend to get very stubborn and will dig your heels in, so you need someone who can balance that out. If you and your partner were constantly locking horns, that would make for a very toxic relationship.

You need someone who isn't going to fight you at every turn, who can go with the flow, and who can calm you down and even you out when you get upset. Someone that is trustworthy, true, and who doesn't fly off the handle when they get upset. You need them to be mature but not boring, just reliable and flexible.

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GEMINI: You need someone who is a student of life.

Knowledge and curiosity are two qualities that are very important to you, and you need someone who has a thirst for learning. You don't want someone who is content just staying home and watching TV.

You want someone who has many interests and is never happy staying the same and stagnating. You want someone who you can discuss big ideas with and who surprises you with interesting anecdotes and trivia. The person you need is never bored nor are they boring.

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CANCER: You need an empathetic person.

You have a lot of emotions but sometimes you don't know how to express those feelings. An empathetic person knows what you're feeling without you having to put them in words. They're as kind, sensitive, and caring as you are.

A person who is empathetic will do everything they can to not hurt you or take advantage of you. They'll be protective of you and your feelings which will bond you to them.

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LEO: You need a confident person.

You need someone who is self-assured enough to share the spotlight with you when that's what you need, and confident enough to push you to the forefront and fall back when you need to be center stage.

This person can hold their own — they look good and don't feel as if they have to prove their worth; they know they're amazing and don't have to compete with you for attention. They're your equal in every sense of the word.

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VIRGO: You need someone who is balanced.

Your partner shouldn't be lazy or irresponsible; in fact, they should be just the opposite. You need someone who is as meticulous and reliable as you are, and they should also have the ability to cut loose and have fun.

You can get very serious and focused, so you need someone who will balance you out. It wouldn't work if your partner was frivolous or constantly partying, but you do need them to have a spark and a lightness to offset some of your angst and emotion.

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LIBRA: You need somebody that you can count on.

You have enough personality and enthusiasm for two people, so what you need in a partner is someone who will always be there when you need them. You need someone who is supportive and who thinks you're everything.

The kind of person who is at every show you do or is always your emergency contact. You can trust that they'll never let you down and that your happiness is their top priority.

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SCORPIO: You need someone trustworthy.

You need to be with someone who makes you feel safe enough to be yourself. It takes a lot for you to trust someone, but when you do, it's devastating to you if they break that trust.

You need to believe your partner that they'll never betray you and that they'll always be honest with you, no matter what the consequences. 

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SAGITTARIUS: You need someone enthusiastic.

You need someone who shares your love of trying new things and going new places. They may not have your wanderlust, but they still love hearing the stories of your travels. They should be flexible and not feel duty-bound to traditional ways of living.

You might create a new kind of committed relationship — one with fewer restrictions and more independence. Your partner should be excited by life, someone who loves to laugh, and whose greatest passion is living the best possible life they can.

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CAPRICORN: You need someone who is motivated.

You're hard-working and ambitious, so why wouldn't you want someone who was motivated to do well in life? You need someone who is driven, goal-orientated, and creative enough to come up with new ideas on how to achieve their goals.

Your partner's motivations aren't just in career but also in their personal life. They should be motivated to put energy into their relationships as well.

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AQUARIUS: You need someone who is extremely intelligent.

You need someone who gets how special you are and who can understand how incredible your mind is. When you come up with a solution to a difficult problem or you create something entirely new, your partner needs to be smart enough to understand your big concepts and ideas.

They also need to be open-minded and adaptable when it comes to relationships. You need someone who won't shut you down when they don't comprehend something, but will work to get a greater understanding of it.

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PISCES: You need someone who will inspire you.

You're extremely creative — in thought, in art, and in the way you see the world. You need a partner who will encourage you to be who you are and help you to express the uniqueness of your personality.

You need someone who will make you feel loved and cared for so that you don't have to worry about getting hurt; you can just focus on the way in which you contribute to the world with your art or your problem-solving or with whatever singular thing it is that makes you so incredibly special.

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