25 Seriously Funny Pun Halloween Costumes You Can't Help But Laugh At

TRY not to laugh. We dare you.

funny pun halloween costumes

Are you looking for funny pun costumes ideas? Well, you're in luck. Forget dressing up like everyone else. You are going to ROCK this Halloween! You can create these hilarious puns that are so dumb they are funny at home with items you have around the house. 

The bomb.com DIY Halloween costume, here we come!

If you've forgotten to buy a costume or have a tight budget and can't afford to splurge we got you! Halloween is just around the corner. Spooky stories, delightfully fiendish decorations, it's one of the best time of the year.


Not to mention being heaven if you need a defensive as to why you are indulging in your sweet tooth. October is also when the new release of my all time favorite show Stranger Things airs on Netflix. Or, if you are a horror movie fan, who loves to watch the classic horror movie re-runs.

October is jammed pack with goodies.

It gives you a great excuse to slip on the most figure revealing costume you can find. There are only so many times in a year to show off your curves and luckily Halloweens one of them.

To get into the ghoulish fun why not try a more humorous costume this Halloween? Pun costumes can make everyone in the room do a double take.


They are great because you won't have the problem of running into someone with the exact same outfit. You get to put your unique personality on display for the world to see. A pun costume can also say a lot about you without you saying a word. 

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While partying it can show your sparkling fun personality. It can also show just how witty you can be.

It can be so boring year after year dressing in that same old black kitty or bunny outfit, why not give a pun costume a try? Having a pun costume is definitely a great conversation starter. 

You can include your best friend, and pets in your dress up fun. 


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If you have a craving for something 'punny', check-out these 25 DIY funny pun Halloween costume ideas:

1. You could be an eye pad (i-Pad).

Who knew it would be so easy to get your very own eye pad without having to wait until Black Friday. This is a fresh take on the chic gadget of 2017. You can mix old school and new tech together with this clever costume.


2. Or you could be Amazon Prime!

Are you a die heart transformers fan? The good news for you is that it just became a lot more affordable to become your favorite character. There's a new Transformers movie coming out in 2018 featuring the awesome Bumblebee. Ordering from Amazon just got a lot cooler.

3. Maybe you're into some monkey business.


Need an interesting costume for the office Halloween party? Try this easy DIY costume. All you need is a business suit, toy banana, and a small folder. This time when your boss catches you monkeying around it will be a good thing!

4. Or maybe you're into being a candy rapper? (Er... wrapper.)

You've never seen a rapper who is this sweet! With this DIY costume, you can go rummaging around in your closet to find these items. Get your favorite hoodie, tape some candy to it, get your best shades, and you've got your self one cool costume.You can make fresh rhymes decked out in your favorite sweets.


5. No one likes to be the third wheel. Except maybe on Halloween.

See it isn't all that bad being the third wheel! This costume is an awesome idea for a group of friends who appreciate good humor. Or for a couple and their closest friends. This costume makes shouts that three is a crowd perfectly. The best part is that you can always be the fourth, fifth, or sixth wheel. 

6. Or maybe you're just one of those guys with a baby face.


I never thought I would find someone with a baby face so frightening.

You can DIY by taping some doll legs to your chin and forehead. I will never think of babies the same way again!

7. You and your friends can be French Kiss. Ultimate #squadgoals.

Gene Simons has a new book coming out this November, is their any better way to celebrate by doing a kiss themed costume? If you also enjoy the fine culture of the French this pun is spectacular. Well, you can bring your two loves together to form one epic pun.


8. Even your catfish can get in the Halloween spirit.

I used to love watching MTV's Catfish: The TV Show. One way to include your kitty in on the Halloween fun is to have them wear their favorite dish. But your poor kitty will hate you for it.

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9. Every girl can pull off a Hawaiian punch Halloween costume.

This DIY is extremely easy on the pockets! All you really need is a Hawaiian costume, some old boxing gloves, and some Hawaiian punch juice.

Drinking, fighting and a lovely grass shirt makes this a unique fun choice.

10. This raining cats and dogs costume is pretty darn creative.


OMG, it's actually raining cats and dogs. If you have a used umbrella, plastic poncho, and some old stuff toys,  you can easily replicate this cute look.

Although I would rather it be raining men, dogs and cats are fine too.

11. Now even the sweetest dogs can be watch dogs.

These dogs can really watch out for you if in your time of need. Now it's simple to get your own very own watchdog.


Get a comfortable elastic waistband (or old tight shirt) cut off a circle out of cardboard and draw a clock on it. You can then super glue it together.  It can always tell you the time!

12. This Plato costume is hilarious.

Plato was a great classical philosopher.

And Plato was the best childhood mushy goop toy to play with. Who says being a history buff can't be fun.


13. This social butterfly Halloween costume will be the life of the party.

A classic new age DIY costume for the lover of all things that are social media. You just need a good printer and some pretty butterfly wings.You can show your outgoing side by trying to be a literal social butterfly.

14. No one likes a copy cat. Unless you're one of these copy cats on Halloween. 


This is the perfect costume to pull off with your best gal pal. Pick an outfit that looks fabulous on you and your best friend, and it's as easy as that!

You will have people laughing in tears, while they try to figure out which one of you is the real copycat.


Holy Moly that's a lot of Guacamole! You can show your love for this tasty healthy snack with a healthy dose of humor.


Take an unwanted green top and tape printed pictures of an avocado on it. Finish this look off with a handmade paper sign that you can hang on your neck. You're certain to be the yummiest party snack. 

16. Have the whole party LOLing when you walk in as Princess (Taco) Belle.

The globally successful beauty and the beast are sure to be a very popular costume for this year.


Why not add a twist to it by adding your favorite guilty pleasure.You will be the most creative bell at any party.

17. Deviled eggs costume, anyone?

An Egg-cellent outfit for the naughty foodie, or aspiring chef. You're guaranteed to make heads roll with this original costume.

You can cut an egg shape into some cardboard paper. The white shape should be bigger than the yellow one. Cut out small square pieces that are red and yellow. Then glue it all together.  Also, Deviled eggs are my personally my favorite mini snack. 


18. Bet this Facebook Halloween costume is easy to make.

You get to finally show everyone what an actual Facebook looks like. This costume is great to use for the bookworm in your life. Facebook just became more adorably user-friendly.

19. Watch where you're pointing those, shooting stars!


Watch out because if you wear this you'll be a deadly beauty. To pull off this look get some gold body glitter, plastic guns, and dress up in your sexiest black clothes. You'll be dressed to kill!.

20. If you feel like the black sheep, might as well dress up for Halloween as her too.

You're a real rebel at heart and you do whatever your little impulses tell you to do. It isn't all bad being the black sheep, in fact, this costume makes it downright fun. You can be a bad sheep and look damned sexy as you do it. Haters not allowed.


21. This BEE-YONCE (Beyonce) Halloween costume had us fooled!

You can celebrate being a fiercely independent woman with style and humor. Out of all of Beyonce looks, I think this is the one that's most suiting for Queen Bee. It will take some work but you can buy a bee costume and sew in the letters. Being the queen bee has never been so easy!

22. What better couples costume than the birds and the bees?


This is a fun couples costume. While you're partying you can be teaching your friends all about the birds and the bees. Giving them a few quick tips on how to be one awesomely fun couple. You and your hubby will simply bee the cutest couple this year.

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Two childhood favorites form the most memorable costume. The Eggo waffle is delicious, soft and fluffy.

A Lego is hard and is used to build. Together you two just won't be able to let the other one go. Even if some screams let go my Eggo!

24. This Radio Head Halloween pun costume is simple and smart for any music lover.


You are the heart of the party, and it's not a party until we have you. You can be the radio head or boom box brain.

If your artist skills are on point you can get this look by drawing a radio on a cardboard, and then cut it out. You can make eye holes and attach some elastic strings. Now you can dance the night away.

25. The running refrigerator probably has more energy than you.


Is it just me or is your refrigerator running? Actually yes, the refrigerator IS running and it's you.

You can grab any old white and cut out holes for your head, and arms. Attach notes, magnets and anything you would be able to find on the refrigerator door.

You'll have mad box dancing skills.

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