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20 Creative Group Halloween Costumes That Can't Be Bought At A Store

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right — Halloween! 

The time to have fun and dress up in a silly costume for a night without getting any weird looks from strangers. 

Halloween costumes can easily be bought at any local store, and there are always hundreds of Halloween shops that open seasonally. But when you go to these stores, they’re just filled with the same old superhero costumes and sexy nurse costumes we see every year.

But what’s more fun than shopping for an already made costume that tons of people will already have? Making one. 

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With DIY Halloween costumes, you get to do practically whatever you want — unless of course, you’re going out with a group. But that’s actually way more fun.

Getting together with the gang and deciding what you all want to dress up as and making them together is more fun than shopping online for an expensive and cheaply made costume that you'll only wear once.

The best part about having an original and cool group Halloween costume is all the compliments and praise you and your squad will receive. There’s nothing better than having people appreciate and notice all of your hard work and creativity.

The most wonderful time of the year is Halloween. Yes, Christmas is pretty neat, and gifts are cool, but Halloween is a special time of year. Hanging out with cool friends and putting together costumes that are sure to impress.

If you’re heading out with your squad for Halloween this year and need some costume inspiration, look no further than this list of super creative homemade Halloween costumes for you and your squad.

1. The Addams Family


What's Halloween without this gang? They even included Cousin Itt. Amazing.

2. 101 Dalmatians


A lot of people might already have these clothes in their closet, making it a simple, easy, and fun costume. Some coats, jackets, and a wig to match Cruella de Ville's insane hair.

3. TY Beanie Babies


Some friends, some onesies, and paper and a printer are all these cute and comfy DIY Halloween costumes require.

4. Gossip Girl


Chuck Bass, Queen B, It Girl, and Lonely Boy. Easy, stylish costumes for the Upper East Side's favorite crew.

5. Inside Out


A couple of wigs and a group — that's good at taking pictures is all you'd need for Disgust, Sadness, Fear, Joy, and Anger.

6. Pretty Little Liars


There's probably going to be a fight over who gets to be A, but in the end, everyone wins with this stylish costume idea.

7. Finding Nemo


"P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney" are words we'll never forget — or words we'll be reminded of when we see this awesome costume.

8. Orange Is The New Black


Are you more of a Piper or an Alex?

9. Hot dog vendors


As far as creativity goes, this group Halloween costume is one of the best. That baby looks good enough to eat!

10. Clueless


Go back to the '90s with your BFFs with these cute costumes from the cult film Clueless. "UGH, as if! "

11. Beetlejuice


These costumes look as if they were stolen off the set — they're that good.

12. Mario Kart


Just make sure to watch out for any banana peels on the road.

13. Jurassic Park


That is one dangerous looking dinosaur.

14. Spice Girls


If you say you don't know every word to "Wannabe" you're lying. 

15. Ratatouille


Cook up some ratatouille with everyone's favorite Disney-Pixar gang. 

16. The Scooby Doo gang


A cute, fun, and simple Halloween costume idea. The dog will make it a fan favorite, for sure.

17. Peter Pan and the lost boys


For the Peter Pan and Disney lover in all of us, this costume is simply delightful.

18. Space Jam


The Monster Squad is sure to be defeated when they face off against this Tune Squad.

19. Jaws


A painful bite from a tiny shark. This costume from fan favorite film "Jaws" will be a hit.

20. Wizard of Oz


"Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!" As simple as a Halloween costume can get, yet it's an all-time favorite.