Are You Dressing Sexy This Halloween?

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For Halloween this year, try to be something besides a sexy nurse.

Every week, Lyz on Love brings you a round-up of news on love, relationships and other spicy stuff.  This week, I'm talking about Halloween costumes. And really the main take away for this week is don't be a sexy nurse. Really, BE SOMETHING ELSE. When the Devil created Halloween, he wanted us to be more clever than just sexy nurse. And I am not just saying that because I'm a girl. I'm guilty of the sexy trend. In college, my costume was sexy rock star like three years in a row. But in my defense I was in a sorority.

But this brings up a deeper question: How sexy is too sexy on Halloween? Have we turned this holiday into a scantily clad monster? Or are we all (read: me) just freaking out over nothing? For me, it's not a frustration with the sexy. It's simply a frustration with the sheer lack of creativity. Where are the conceptual costumes? Just for once, I'd love to see someone dressed up as a Latin American coup. I have no idea how you would pull that off. But it sounds awesome. 

I love Halloween, because it's the one night a year that you get rewarded for being something you aren't. This year, I'm going as skinny. And then eat all the candy.What are you going to be this year?


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