Study Explains How Wearing A SEXY Halloween Costume Helps You Find Love

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slutty halloween costumes

Whether you're planning to party hard or are dressing up for a Halloween gathering in the next few weeks, you're likely to see a few scantily-clad females roaming the streets to celebrate the ghoulish holiday in sexy costumes.

While these Halloween "hoochies" take a lot of heat, there's some merit to wearing as little as possible for the holiday: All Hallow's Eve is a great night to meet a potential suitor, and wearing 'slutty' Halloween costumes can help you find love!

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And really, what better way is there to greet your future love than dressed as a Playboy Bunny or sexy Alice in Wonderland?

The folks over at Zoosk found that 71 percent of men would likely be interested in someone wearing a super-sexy costume. Meanwhile, only five percent of guys say they'd be attracted to someone in spooky attire.

The survey also found that 66 percent of single respondents think Halloween is a good time to find a date, not just to hook up. So wearing that sexy angel outfit can do more than just find that guy-of-the-minute. 

Luckily, a quick stroll through the Halloween store can give you plenty of costume ideas that will certainly draw attention and make you feel super-sexy to boot.

The question of sexy versus skanky costumes is one that hits the news cycle every year, so to know that some good can come out of being scantily clad on Halloween should be a big "take that!" to the haters. And these so-called "slutty" costumes can definitely work. One writer at The Stir even shared her sexy cat success story. Meow!

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While men go for the slutty Halloween costumes every time, ladies are drawn to funny characters. Fifty-one percent say they'd be attracted to someone in an amusing costume.

Seeing a guy go all-out for Halloween is a turn-on, and if the costume can make me laugh to boot, then you had me at, "Matt Foley, motivational speaker!"