3 Major Signs That DeMario Jackson And Corinne Olympios Are DATING After Their 'Bachelor In Paradise' Scandal

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We're all confused.

The state of the world is insanely questionable at the moment. Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian are pregnant, our president is too busy throwing shade at NFL players to pay attention to a natural disaster and now, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson from Bachelor In Paradise (yes, teh couple whose drunken hookup caused production to SHUT DOWN this summer) are apparently dating. 

Go ahead and read that statement again, if you have to. 

TMZ snapped some very questionable photos of the pair at the center of a sexual assault allegation that almost ended the last season of "Bachelor in Paradise." 

In the photos, you can see Corinne and DeMario laughing, holding hands and looking VERY couple-y on a recent trip to Disneyland. 

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Photographers also captured this weird moment where he playfully bites her arm. 


Like I said, super weird. 

Last month, TMZ snapped a photo of the two leaving a club together in L.A. of Corinne hugging, climbing and kissing DeMario.

It felt, well, very staged. 

But this new collection of photos doesn't seem to be as fake as their last encounter.

A full day of Disneyland cuteness sounds like a lot of work for a simple P.R. stunt. 

Though nothing has been confirmed by either of the reality stars, they have been leaving us some breadcrumbs that may have flown under the radar. 

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Here are three major clues that Corinne and DeMario more than just friends: 

1. Though the media has photographed them together, they've not posted any photos of each other on their social media accounts. 


The paparazzi always seems to spot these two when they're out and about, but their friendship documented at all on their social media accounts. Though both of them have been pretty quiet online since the scandal, it could be them trying to keep a new — and obviously controversial scandal — under wraps. 

In fact, Corinne posted a photo of her and her friend at Disneyland but failed to mention DeMario was along for the ride. You best believe that ish was intentional. 

2. Their relationship on TV versus the one we see off-screen are total opposites. 

When they were interviewed during a Bachelor in Paradise special — and supposedly saw each other for the first time since the incident — Corinne and DeMario look like strangers. There's weird distance between them, and you can tell the look uncomfortable. 

But anytime they're seen out and about, they're cuddly and affectionate with one another, while still claiming to be just friends. Maybe everything is so amplified because they don't know how to act in public because THEY'RE SECRETLY IN LOVE?! 

Maybe, just maybe. 

3. They're like, really harping on the fact that they're "just friends." 

In the history of all celebrity relationships, what happens in the months before they make it Instagram official. They just keep telling us they're good friends. 

Well, I call bullshit. You don't hold hands and canoodle with someone you're just friends with AND there's no way you act like that with a guy you hooked up with during a blackout on a reality TV show. 

Nope, you can only get passed that weirdness if there are real feelings there. Corinne and DeMario, you're not fooling us. 

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