If The Guy You Love Does These 27 Things, You Found A Good Man

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27 Honest Women Share Their Thoughts About How A Boyfriend Should Really Be

When I was younger, and we're talking pre-puberty here, I didn't really have a solid grasp of what a good boyfriend should be.

Of course, that makes sense, given that most of my ideas about what makes for a healthy relationship came from the fictional books I read, along with the fictional movies and television shows I watched. If you asked little Becca what it means for a guy to be a good boyfriend, she would've said something along the lines of "moody and dramatic" or "funny and maybe homeless."

You see, I was into the male version of the manic pixie dream girl before the manic pixie dream girl was even a thing, yo. 

Nowadays, my idea of what makes someone a good boyfriend has changed, and thank God for that.

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Sure, I'll jokingly say stuff like, "He can't be an actor. Or a stand-up comedian. Or in finance."

But the truth of the matter is that as long as my boyfriend is a guy who has a funny, kind mind, who is slow to anger and prone to introspection, and who loves sex, we'll probably be just fine.

I am, however, fully aware of the fact that what sounds like a good boyfriend to me might sound like an absolute nightmare to someone else.

To that end, I asked several women I know to fill in the blank in the following statement:

"A good boyfriend is _________________________."

Here's what 27 ladies each had to say about what women want in a man! 

1. “Attentive, kind, patient.”

2. "Patient, goofy, and above all else there for you."

3. "Willing to actually admit that he is your boyfriend!"

4. "Smart and so not a pushover!"

5. "Being handsome is good, but being kind is even better."

6. "Seriously good with people."

7. "Puts family above everything else."

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8. "Has a relationship with God that he takes seriously."

9. “Compassionate. Present. Emotionally available.”

10. "Someone who doesn't just accept my kinks but love me all the more for them!"

11. “One who will carry you to the car and drive you to the ER.”

12. “One who laughs at my jokes.”

13. “One who causes you to make better life choices.”

14. “Always willing to give you the last slice of pizza.”

15. “Someone who makes you smile and laugh every day (and obviously is also loyal, loving, caring, honest, trustworthy, and faithful!).”

16. “Hard to find.”

17. “One who, when he learns that your dad has cancer and that you have to go visit him in a hospital far away, says that he will absolutely go with you, no questions asked, even though you haven't been dating long, just because you need the company.”

18. “Loving and positively challenging in productive ways.”

19. “Considerate.”

20. “One who just fits in your life.”

21. “Empowering for you.”

22. “Someone who listens to you.”

23. “A woman.”

24. “Someone who genuinely likes you as a person, and at the same time, lusts after you.”

25. “Empowering for you.”

26. "Seen not heard."

27. "Funny as heck."

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