8/8 Is A Big Day For Numerology And Astrology! Here's What The 888 'Lion’s Gate' Is And How It Will Affect YOU

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what is the 888 astrological Lion's Gate
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Each year on August 8th, Earth, the star Sirius and the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Egypt, opening a rare window between the spiritual and physical worlds. In numerology, 8 is a very significant number representing harmony and infinity.

The 888 portal is one that occurs on the 8th day of the 8th month. To say that we have the universe on our sides is an understatement.

Each day we are asked to take bigger risks, unique chances that are given to us by the divine in order to follow our purpose more closely and step into our best possible selves.

This year, we are being asked: What makes you roar?

The Lion’s Gate is named for the sign of Leo that the sun is currently transiting through. The zodiac sign Leo is all about our hearts and the passions that beat there. Leo likes to have it all, to go big or go home, to go about getting what he wants because he knows he’s the king (or queen) of his own jungle.

Where have you been giving away your power?

For all of us we sometimes consciously or subliminally give away our power to others. This can come across as our happiness, our purpose, mission or even just what we want our lives to look like. It seems that often the most difficult decision we can make is to take our power back so that we might choose and create the lives that we feel the most passionate about.

This portal is significant and important each year; however, we are still under the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse which peaked on August 7th, so this year isn’t just about thinking or processing where we might have given away our power, but how we can take action to get it back.

Sometimes we simply need to walk our own damn talk. What is the 888 astrological Lion's Gate? Well, during this time, we will be within these energies from today until August 14th, asking all of us during that time to get in touch with what really matters to us, what we really want from life, and who we really want to be the one by our side as we traverse this amazingly beautiful journey.

It also has a way of bringing the truth to light as many astrological events tend to inspire.

Sometimes the person that we lie to the most is ourselves because we can’t face the truth without the fear of taking action and the possible resulting failure that we risk when we step outside of our little box of comfort. The thing is, we all have to realize that not only is that little box an illusion, the only thing it actually does is hold us back from living life connected to our souls.

We can’t live a life that is centered within our purpose if we aren’t living from our souls.

Yet, we often try to trivialize the needs of our souls as frivolous, wasted time or even just plain crazy. Regardless of which form of denial we tap into, the results are always the same: we are unsatisfied with the life we are living but can’t quite figure out how to get from here to there.

Not only is this Lion’s Gate a window into our souls, it is also a bridge to help us accelerate our soul's growth so that we will not only learn how to grow and move ahead, but we actually will. It’s a time to trust our hearts, our souls, and whatever impulses that it seems they are throwing our way. I suppose the easiest way to put it is this: if you don’t trust yourself then how will you be able to trust anyone else?

But not all action is loud or in your face; sometimes the biggest moves happen quietly within the shadows, not because they are fast fleeting, but that they have been brewing for some time. So, what is brewing in your life?


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We can choose to ignore it during this time and continue on the path as if nothing is happening, or we can make the choice to truly look at the needs of our own souls and give up the fear of being not just in alignment with the planets today, but with our own heart center.

It’s often said that only fools follow their hearts, but the truth is that those who are often seen as crazy are also the happiest. When we look at another and judge their life choices, “crazy” becomes a term to confine them to the boxes that we have been comfortable with, to encourage them to live a life of expectation rather than one of free will.

Let’s embrace our crazy. After all, there’s no better way to live.

Let’s be status quo benders, rule breakers, the voice of peace within the chaos, the light within the darkness because only then will we be so consumed with happiness and fulfillment that we actually don’t give a sh*t what other people think about our choices.

Are you going to make others happy, or yourself? Sometimes the choice is that simple, not because we are overlooking any important details but simply because the best way to truly have others accept us for who we are is to do that for ourselves.

No one is coming to save any of us in this lifetime, no one is going to create the life we are meant to live except us, and no one will be able to make us happy until we have given ourselves permission to be just that. Once you understand what is the 888 astrological Lion's Gate, perhaps this will have you searching your soul for what truly matters to you, or just maybe it will be exactly what you need to actually start creating the life that you want to live