6 Erotic Stories About Fetishes That Will Tease & Tempt You To Try Something New

Grab you e-reader and your bullet.

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People with fetishes often get a bad rap. Society certainly frowns upon any sexual fantasies that may stretch the imagination

And while there are some fetishes that go a bit too far for my mildly chocolate preferences, there's nothing wrong with some added kink (here and there) — depending on what you're into or willing to try out.

If your partner's fetish isn't some super outlandish like wearing diapers or being pissed on (unless you're into that) and it's actually something that falls under vanilla kink (who knew that could be a thing?) then you might be delightfully surprised with the outcome. For me, I know it would depend on how severe even the most pleasurable fetishes are as far as actually building a life with this person went.


If you're sniffing shoes or touching on all my friend's feet when we go out — you're forever and always just a good lay. Sorry, but I simply don't know how to build with that kind of abstractness.

But, I definitely wouldn't mind having my feet catered to in the short term. And as far as other fetishes go I like to think that I would be willing to hear you out on a lot of things that aren't my norm like maybe even panty sniffing.


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That said, I'm 100 percent here for kinky fetish fantasies. 

Then again, that could be because I read these 6 Literotica }} stories all about fetishes and I had the deepest urge to pull out my vibrator mid-read. I've told you again and again how erotic stories have a way of making the strangest topics (like some of these fetishes) more sensual and piquing your interest in a way you never knew was possible.


I've already proven my point if you're still reading and I grant you want to keep reading to see what these erotic stories are all about. And with that, I'll leave you be.

1. "The Gentlemen's Panty" 

When she asked if I was wearing panties, I offered to show her. This seemed to excite her, and then she discreetly showed her panties to me. She told me that a lot of women like showing their underwear secretly in public. 


"I love thinking about a man drooling over my panties, with his penis getting hard inside his trousers!"

As it turned out, Bridgette and I have a strong sexual attraction. The following year, with encouragement from my parents, I asked Bridgette to be my wife, and she honored me by accepting my proposal! 

Yes, life was going quite well for Joey Mason, the man with a lifelong panty fetish, and I was looking forward to many more years of managing my "panty problem."

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2. "The Yoni Massage" 

Her penetration was very gentle. Caring. Her two fingers pushed into me slowly, her wrist twisting, her fingers widening into a V, pushing against my walls. Her thumb rested against my button, pushing on it with gentle pressure as she explored me. She pulled out just as slowly, my opening already making wet sounds from arousal. This was no mere fingering—her intent was tantric, and she was obviously enjoying this.

Her penetration halted, and she proceeded to lightly pinch my vulva and labia between her thumb and forefinger. It was a massage for all practical purposes, not necessarily sexual in nature, but very erotic. Rachel then pushed my sex upwards towards my abdomen, exposing my clit from its protective hood. She then touched it lightly, then drew small circles around it with her slippery fingers. I closed my eyes, taking it all on. My vagina was raging at her skilled touch.

Rachel continued to work on my vagina, never lingering in any one place, knowing exactly where to touch me and for how long. 


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3. "Panties Ch. 01" 

As Seth began to drive his penis between Dr. Burke's thighs, the material from her dress stretched, encasing the head of his penis. He drove into her relishing the friction from the dress for a while before finally stopping and pulling back. He then lifted her dress up around her waist exposing a pair of sexy white satin panties. He rubbed his penis against her panties for a moment, then pulled them to the side and entered her. He thought then about the pure ecstasy of driving his penis into her. Finding her wet with excitement.


As Seth imagined the look of Dr. Burke's white satin covered behind, his penis disappearing again and again inside of her, he imagined fondling her breasts beneath the soft olive fabric. He thought about her holding on to her desk while looking back at him as he had his way with her. He thought about her giving in to him reluctantly, yet ultimately wanting him to have her. When he imagined grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it, he orgasmed.

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4. "The Fetish"


A dramatic pause and silence ensued, but our eyes stayed focused on one another. Then we smiled at one another again, giggling together as if to acknowledge the palpable attraction to one another. She looked down toward her dangling foot, still rocking, and pushed her hair behind her ear. I leaned forward slightly and looked at the spot where she'd been looking without attempting to hide my gaze. She ceased rocking her foot, and it came to a stop as if she were allowing me a better look. Her toes, still sheltered by her shoe, were pointing toward the floor, but still suspended. The curved, veiny top of her foot was visible and bare, and beautiful baby blue veins of her foot were swollen with distension. I could literally nearly see her warm blood coursing through them. 

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5. "Caught" 

I brought her head to my breast, and she opened her mouth submissively, taking my erect penis into her mouth. "Drink..." I commanded. "I felt her suckle and knew I then had her as my milk flowed into her... working its way into her body. Coursing through her veins. Overtaking her mind, body, and soul. Erasing her free will and her ability to make her own cognitive decisions. I let her suckle for a good five minutes, before having her suckle from my other breast for just as long. I could see the glazed look and her reluctance had all but vanished.


I propped her up against the bed, and put my vagina on her mouth.

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6. "The Houseguest" 

She sat down on the chair and adjusted her dressing gown, feeling a tinge of naughty as she felt the fabric brush against her bare nipples. She pulled a cigarette out of the package, lazily lifted it to her lips, lighting it and sucking in. The familiar warm rush flooded over her as the nicotine surged into her bloodstream. The sudden intake of oxygen and cigarette smoke, as it always did, overtook her senses as she filled her lungs. She closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and slowly exhaled, luxuriating in the pleasure it brought.


Meanwhile, the houseguest was just finishing his run. No matter where he traveled or for what reason, and no matter the time zone or the time change, the early morning run was his way of resetting his body clock and mentally orienting himself to his new location. Although the locals probably didn't think so, it was stinking hot at this hour of the morning. He was soaked with sweat and needed to shower. His host had given him a key to the back door so as he was headed inside his peripheral vision caught a bit of movement over by the shed.

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