15 Best Erotica Websites Online To Get You Hot And Heavy

Because routine gets boring.

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Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a fan of free online erotica. When used reasonably, it’s hot stuff, gets you in the mood, and also opens your mind to new possibilities in the bedroom.

Finding good sites, though, isn’t always easy. This is doubly true if you’re a chick and want to see more than just dudes railing girls without any plot.

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If you want to check out good erotica and are sick of browsing the same old content, these new websites have the new, best erotica for women and will definitely get you going.

15 Best Erotica Websites Online

1. Hot Movies for Her

Though this isn’t totally new, they do have amazing erotica that’s geared towards women’s interests. Heavy plot, good acting, and sexy stars make this site a great option.

This site charges per minute, with the first 69 minutes being only $9.95. If you’re looking for a short session, it’s a steal.

2. Lady Cheeky

This sexy site, run by renowned sex educator Elle Chase, ACS, has been called one of the hottest erotica sites to be fully geared towards women. It’s got everything girls want, including hot GIFs, cool comics, and content that will make your jaw drop.


To make things even better, Lady Cheeky is a great place to get sex education, too.

3. Beautiful Agony

Love seeing closeups of certain body parts in action? At around $8 per month, Beautiful Agony is one of the best new erotica for women websites to bring out the most erotic side of sex.

4. XConfessions

Erika Lust is a maverick when it comes to making women’s erotica, and the coolest part about it is that the plots are made by users.

If you’ve ever wanted to see your sexual fantasy acted out, write it up and XConfessions might just do it for you.

5. We Love Good Sex

Want to have a site that teases and pleases your brain along with your body? Then you might want to check out We Love Good Sex.


Part education, part erotica, and part user-submitted content, this is one site that regularly gets cited as one of the top new women's erotica sites on the net. Once you check them out, you’ll see why.

6. CoupleFantasies

One of the newest erotica sites to take off has been CoupleFantasies, one of the only women’s erotica sites to focus on improving the viewer’s relationship.

Steamy sex scenes, hot written fantasies, and awesome advice make this a must-see — even if you’re not a chick!

7. FrolicMe

British sex site FrolicMe isn’t as new as others on this list, but it still is just beginning to gain traction stateside. Striking visuals and incredibly detailed, emotional scripts are what make this site a great erotica page.


Anna, the site’s owner, makes a point of being involved in every shoot and focusing on women’s fantasies.

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8. ForHerTube

ForHerTube might not be one of the newest women’s erotica sites out there, but it’s one that’s been steadily climbing the ranks for a while.

As the name suggests, this erotica site is geared towards women’s fantasies rather than men’s.

9. Crash Pad

This is a (somewhat) new erotica site that’s so revolutionary, it was even featured on HBO’s Real Sex.

It’s queer, features real couples, and has people of all body types doing naughty things on camera. Fans who want to have a tinge of realism to their visual erotica will love this.


10. Kinkly

Fans who adore written erotica or want to try their own hand at becoming a sexpert will find Kinkly to be one of the hottest sites on the net.

Everything from wild BDSM scenes to knowledgeable advice can be found here, and the best part is that they’re always down for an ongoing discussion on sex. It’s a community that you’ll adore — and it’s free online erotica!

11. Bellessa

Bellessa is a site that’s very proud to call itself an erotica site "for women," and features beautiful videos with sexy scenes and realistic plots.

The best part is that it’s real people with real orgasms. Color us impressed!

12. FetLife

Fetlife bills themselves as "Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me."


The site features everything from old school forum boards and classified ads for people drawn to or interested in learning about every possible type of kink or fetish you could think of to lots and lots (and lots) of user written erotic literature.

13. Bright Desire

This quirky-cool erotica site involves content that’s focused on a more cerebral way of turning people on.

If you need a bit of backstory in order to get your rocks off, Bright Desire is a perfect fit.


14. Cinema Joy

Cinema Joy is one of those sites that is very difficult to figure out until you visit it. It's artsy, like an independent film, but way kinkier.

High quality shots, sexy actors, and really cool filming concepts make it a great site for anyone to check out.

15. Couples Cinema

Couples Cinema has a lot of high-end films designed for couples to enjoy together, but that's not why it's one of the better erotica sites out there. What's really amazing about is that it has top-rated erotica films from all over the world.

It's pretty fascinating to see sex on a global level, which is why this might be one of the only sites on here that would make a casual sex researcher want to take a peek.


You know, for study's sake.

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