25 Truly STRANGE Things You Won't BELIEVE Turn People On

Would you be OK with any of these?

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Warning: Some of these "philias" are NSFNFS (Not Suitable For Nightmare-Free Sleep).

If you're a fan of kinky sex, I have a question for you — do you know the difference between a fetish and a philia?

According to the dictionary, a fetish is "a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc."

But a philia is "denoting fondness, especially an abnormal love for a specified thing."


Now, some of the best-known philias are among the most horrific (for example, pedophilia or necrophilia), but that doesn't mean that philias are all bad. Many, in fact, are harmless, albeit it pretty effing weird.

Need examples? Fortunately, cartoonist Dustin Glick put together an amazing illustrated diagram that breaks down 25 eye-opening philias, including microphilia (an attraction to little people) and 24 other extraordinarily kinky sexual proclivities.

Here are a few of the philias from Glick's illustrated guide that are WAY creepier than fetishes like golden showers. They include:

  • Trichophilia: arousal from hair. (eg. A yeti's girlfriend, the guy who rescued Rapunzel)
  • Hybristophilia: arousal to people who have committed crimes. (eg. Bonnie, Clyde, pen pals who marry incarcerated murderers)
  • Retifism: arousal from shoes. (eg. Half of the world's population)
  • Abasiophilia: attraction to people with leg braces. (eg. Er, Jenny from Forrest Gump?)

If you're interested in learning more, here's Glick's "Fun World of Philias" (Click here for a larger version):


The world is an odd place, eh? 

But consensual philias and fetishes — which are frequently lumped together — DO make sex hotter for many, many people.

According to one fetish poll, masochism is the top ranking "alternative" sexual predilection, followed closely by odaxelagnia (biting) and xenophilia (attraction to foreigners), all of which are leaps and bounds more manageable than, say, coprophilia (arousal from feces).


One of the odd things about human sexuality is how one fetish can float one person's sexual boat while quickly sinking the libido for others.

Talking dirty is a fairly easy-to-adjust-to bedroom kink, for example. But the dachryphiliacs, who are attracted to making one cry, and the emetophiliacs, who attracted to vomit... those people might have a tougher time working out their sexual differences with their partners.

So, after reviewing that big illustrated guide to philias, ask yourself the question — would any of those philias get you aroused? And what would you do if your partner admitted a preference for anything on that list? 


(There but for the grace of God.)