7 People Reveal The WEIRD Way They Discovered They Had A Sex Fetish


How Women Discovered They Had A Sex Fetish weheartit

Are you a little kinky? Most of us are something a little to the left of vanilla — there's some variant of fetish or kink that we have, and we may be having sex for years before we even realize what that fetish is.

Below are women sharing what gets them wild and how they found out about their secret sex fetish. You'll see quite a range: Bondage, a little rough kink, and a foot fetish, or things that you will find more shocking, like golden showers or being choked. There's also a voyeur and someone who likes dirty talk.


All in all, we all have that thing we are into that we think is a little left of center. Turns out, though, since we all have that thing, it's not remotely as weird as we keep telling ourselves it is.

Read these women's stories and you'll learn a lot, including some that may make you tremble a bit.

1. When I started masturbating on camera for strangers.

“I discovered that I had an exhibitionist fetish when I first was trailblazing the Internet. I found myself enamored with men who were interested in looking at me and I began to masturbate for them willingly on camera to feed my craving. I loved knowing that they could pleasure themselves the same way I enjoyed it, and I also loved knowing my boyfriend was in the room beside mine hearing me." — Julia Allen, pioneer female entrepreneur and co-founder of StockingsVR


2. When we went to a BDSM club and saw a woman being spanked.


"We had been dating for a while when I took him to a BDSM club one night. I suggested that we take a walk on the wild side. There was a woman who was tied up on the spanking bench. She was getting spanked and felt up. This really turned me on and I suggested to my boyfriend that we try this very soon." — Julia Allen


3. He massaged my feet ... and it turned me on.

"I would always enjoy a foot massage, but I never knew I had a foot fetish until a guy I was dating started paying a lot of attention to my feet. He played with the soles with his thumbs and proceeded to lick my clit. The orgasm I had from these two actions being done at the same time was so intense. It was from that moment on I realized guys found my feet sexy. I really enjoy having them played with in a more sexual way." Tanya Tate, adult actress

4. We were having sex and he choked me.



"While visiting my BFF in college, I slept over in her cozy dorm room while she went home for the weekend, and I decided to invite one of my 'playmates' over for some fun. As we are sexing in the missionary position, he told me to turn around and bend over in doggy style, and I follow instructions. As he was back there delivering deep strokes, I begin squirming a little because the position started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

He said, 'don't move,' as I felt his heart rate raising, but I didn't oblige his request. He asked me again to remain still and began to stroke harder. The intensity made my back feel extremely awkward, so I moved a little to adjust myself to a more comfortable position. I guess I was moving too much for his comfort, and in an instant, he grabbed the back of my neck, pushed me back down to the bed and said, 'I told you NOT to move.'

At first, I was a little stunned because this was the roughest he had ever been with me during sex, but then I realized that my body responded in a way that not only made the position more comfortable, but it made me extremely moist. So after we finished, we cuddled together and he apologized for being so forceful. 

I had to admit to him that the experience was actually more enjoyable than what I had expected, even though it was an unexpected move. So from that day forward, I discovered that I have a fetish for being choked during sex, or erotic asphyxiation." — Tyomi Morgan, sexpert


5. He peed on me.

"We hadn't messed around in a long time; in fact, we hadn't even spoken. There had been a big fight and a lot of terrible things were said. I guess when we reconnected again it made sense there's be an explosive evening, but I was pretty shocked when he made me get in the shower so he could pee on me! I was even more shocked to discover I really, really liked it." — Anonymous

6. He told me about other people he was having sex with and I liked hearing about it.



"Sometimes, we'll tell each other about past exploits we've had — maybe even with other people we both know — as a form of foreplay. It's crazy that I'm turned on by hearing about him messing around with someone else, but I am." — Anonymous

7. He called me a b*tch in the middle of sex.

"It's funny how, in daily life, I'd be pissed as hell if someone called me a bitch or a slut, but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, it's absolutely everything." — Anonymous