How To Take D*ck Pics Women Actually WANT To See

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By Carrie Borzillo

Everyone is doing it, so you mind as well learn how to take a good shot. But, before we get started, the first rule of thumb is to only send d*ck pics to someone who asked for it.

Most women don’t appreciate an unsolicited photo of a man's penis.

That said, while it used to be considered a crass, immature thing that only Tinder users do as a 20-something booty-call tactic, the truth is that there are a rising number of committed couples that have realized the power of sexting with their mate. And, while sexting doesn’t have to include naked photos, it’s a nice way to get your partner in the mood ... if you do it right!

A prime example of an epic fail on this front comes from one of my friends who has been married for over 10 years.

She and her husband started sexting each other to spice things up. It’s actually good foreplay, especially if you sext during the day to get him excited to come home and, well, come with you. Unfortunately, my friend’s husband made a few critical mistakes. His first mistake taking the photo in the bathroom with the toilet seat up and not flushed. When he tried again, some of their kids’ toys were in the background. Toilets and children didn’t exactly get her hot and heavy.

Taking a good d*ck pic is such a “thing” now that there’s even a New York photographer who is making a business out of it. 

Soraya Doolbaz, who calls herself “a professional d*ck photographer,” takes the traditional d*ck pic up a notch by creating little costumes from doll outfits and personalities for her male models. Her “Dicture Gallery” features guys’ penises dressed up as everything from Napoleon Boner Parte to Dongye West to Adolf Clit Tickler. She even exhibited her photographs at the world-famous Art Basil in Miami last year.

If you don’t want to go that far, just follow these simple tips to take d*ck pics women actually want to see:

1. Trim your pubic hair.

Proper grooming is always the first best step to anything sex or genital related. Make sure you're trimmed up nicely ... unless fuller hair styles down there are truly your thing.

But, if it is, please remember that most women don’t dig the ’70s look on men either.

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2. Edit the scene.

Just like setting the scene for Skype sex, it’s important to be aware of your background. It’s more about what you don’t want to show — the toilet, dirty towels, toothbrushes, kid or pet toys, and clutter, etc. If you take the shot in a mirror, look what’s in the reflection and edit out anything that is not sexy.

3. Consider your privacy.

If you are afraid of getting hacked or confused about how anything can end up in the Cloud, it’s perfectly fine to send a photo that doesn’t show your face. In fact, some women find it sexier, even if you have a handsome mug.

“My boyfriend sent me a d*ck pic once with his full body and face in it and the look on his face just cracked me up. He was trying too hard to look sexy for the camera, that it kind of backfired. Just a pic of his penis would’ve been hot enough,” says Rachel, 35.

4. Use a filter for your sexy nude selfies.

A well-lit penis can make the difference between a reaction of “Ewww” vs. “Ooohhh!”

If you can’t figure out the best lighting for your penis, then make good use of filters on your phone. A great filter can help diminish the look of veins, uneven skin color, and even slight blemishes. Black and white is a cool way to go as well.

“A guy I had been talking to sent me a d*ck pic. The part of his penis that is always exposed was one color — slightly grayish. But, the extended part when he got hard was a nice pink color. I was grossed out by the two-tone,” says Sara, 27.

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5. Position your penis to make it look bigger.

The right angle can make your penis look larger. You need to take a lot of test shots from different angles to find your key position. Do a solo photo shoot to figure this out and then have the images saved for when the time comes that a penis pic is requested. And, if you want to show off your truly impressive length and girth, put a water bottle in the shot.

I find lying down in bed is to be the sexiest pose for d*ck pics, because then every time he says he’s going to bed, I have that image in my head. And, it makes me think that he’s lying there about to masturbate to me, which is super flattering and a great visual. I can’t get my guy’s pic out of mind and I look at it often.

Leaving the head sticking out of a pair of cool boxers is another fun way to go.

All right guys, your penis is now ready for its close-up!

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