12 HOT Quotes For Those Of Us Who Like It Rough


Sweet sex is nice, but...

Have you ever been in that animalistic mood where all you want to do is tear your partner's clothes off and go crazy? Of course, you have! We're only human, after all.

There is a certain innocence and gentleness to having slow, sensual sex with someone.

You might like lighting candles and putting on mood music or you might like treating your partner to a romantic night out before going back home and getting busy.

And while that is fun, having hot, dirty sex can bring a WHOLE other type of thrill to the bedroom.

Instead of taking things slow or setting the mood beforehand, all you want to do is cover each other in love bites and bruises, and make it a night neither of you will forget.

Rough, hot sex is the type of sex you have when you don't care if your neighbors are on the verge of calling the police because of the noise; everything else around you seems to disappear when you're in the mood.

And the best part? When you’re ready for round two, all you have to do is send your partner a naughty text or whisper what you want to do to them in their ear and you can get back into it the next night.

But describing what you really want out of crazy hot sex can be hard for some of us.

Either it’s because you’re so ready for a wild night that you can’t even describe what you want your partner to do to you or you just can’t find the words you need to explain exactly what kind of hot, erotic sex you need.

Keep reading below to get your fill of hot sex quotes, and then bring all that naughty language back to the bedroom; you know he loves it when you talk dirty to him.

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On being sweet and sexy.

“A lady who is classy tastes so much sweeter when she’s nasty.”

On becoming undone.

“’The more buttons you undo,’ she said, ‘the faster I become undone.’” — Michael Faudet

On telling him what you want.

“Spank me hard. F*ck me harder.”

On sweet dreams.

“Goodnight and if you dream of me, remember I like it rough.”

On talking dirty.

“Whisper dirty things in my ear and make me feel like you can’t wait to have sex with me.”

On what it feels like to be with a bad girl.

“Good girls go to heaven; bad girls make you feel like you’re in heaven.”

On reminding him what he owns.

“You own my heart. And my ass.”

On the kind of sex you want.

“I’d like some sexy neck biting, hair pulling, butt spanking, back scratching sex, please.”

On what makes a great guy.

“A good guy goes down on you. A great guy goes down on you and doesn’t come up until you orgasm.”

On liking it rough and slow.

“Give me a bit of rough sex mixed with some sexy, slow, and sweet lovemaking.”

On kissing.

“When the kiss is so good that you end up having sex.”

On foreplay.

“Undressing. Kissing. Licking. Touching. Exploring each other. Gotta love foreplay.”