It's HEEEERE! FDA To Approve "Female Love Drug"


man and woman getting intimate George Rudy / Shutterstock

People often note the weird gender inequalities when it comes to drugs related to sex and sex-drive. Women have many options for birth control, but men still only have condoms. Men can pop a Viagra to stay sexually active in their old age, but women are still left behind.

But finally, one of these things have been rectified ... and we're all for it.

A group of experts appeared before the FDA to recommend the approval of Flibanserin with a 18-6 vote. Although people are calling it the "female Viagra," there are very clear differences between the two.


Viagra helps a man keep an erection by directing the blood flow towards an area of the body. Flibanserin helps a woman get into the mood psychologically, affecting the chemicals in the brain by targeting two neurotransmitters. The drug does this by using dopamine, which controls the brain's pleasure center. It also uses norepinephrine, which keeps us focused.

Unlike Viagra, flibanserin has to be taken daily in order to get the boost of desire. So, this probably won't work well with those who have crappy memories. There are also side effects including fainting, and drowsiness when taken with alcohol.


The drug has been found to be pretty successful. Women taking it increased the amount of sex from 2.8 times a month to 4.5 times a month.

However, women who were taking the placebo also saw an increase, but not as much. Women on the placebo increased the times they had sex from 2.5 times a month to 3.7 times a month.

It looks like some believe that the drug is successful enough to make it available to the public. This sounds like a good step in the right direction.

Correction: We previously reported that the FDA approved Flibanserin, but this isn't correct. An outside group of experts recommended that the FDA should approve it. The FDA is expected to make a final decision is August.