This Video Of A Man Reading A Poem About His Penis Is Going Viral

Photo: BeingIndian
A Man’s Poem About His Penis Is Going Viral For The Best Reason


Who knew a poem about a penis could be so deep? 

I was born into a single income household. My father was the breadwinner while my mother raised (and I use that term loosely) me and my siblings.

Because of that, I grew up with the typical notion that men were stronger, more important and women were subservient beings, born to breed, do laundry, and cook dinner. 

I have to mention that my father was not the type of man to instill that thought; he was a feminist before it was cool to be a male feminist, it's just that he made enough money to support us.

However, when I learned that some of my school friend's mothers actually worked in an office, I was shocked and confused.

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I was under the (wrong) assumption that women didn't work except for in the home. 

It most definitely shook my tiny little brain cells.

But when I started working in an office, everything changed.

I was constantly second-guessed, dismissed and often spoken rudely to because I'm female.

I could have said the same exact words, in the same exact tone as my male co-worker, but it was only satisfactory after the male said it.

Because I'm just a woman good for sex, right? A whore?

BeingIndian Sudeep Pagedar

I've also been told I don't wear feminine clothing, and yes, that came from my male superior.

I wore black pants and a knitted sweater every day for the time I worked there.

I had no idea part of my job description was to wear pink bows and frilly socks!

BeingIndian Sudeep Pagedar

So what the hell is that about?

Patriarchy, dudettes. It exists. It's real!

In a slam poetry session, former (or recovering?) misogynist Sudeep Pagedar's inspiring poem, The Privileges of a Penis, so perfectly sums up what it's like having to deal with gender bias in the world and what you can do it make everyone's lives more equal.

Yes, there's still sexist belief systems in full swing in our world and if you don't see it, then you're sleeping.

Here is the full poem for your listening pleasure: