10 Questions People With Tattoos HATE Being Asked

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10 Questions Tattooed People Hate (And One We Love)

Whether you’re just thinking of getting inked or are already tatted up, it’s no secret that there’s still a bit of a stigma around tattoos, even though they’ve been around for thousands of years.

Body art is awesome, and so is showing it off and talking about it.

And while almost everyone with tattoos is probably excited to discuss the topic, there are so many questions that inked people have heard hundreds of times.

So here’s a go-to answer sheet for the 10 most often repeated, and sometimes asinine, questions people with tattoos get.

1. Did it hurt?

No, getting stabbed with a needle repetitively, whether for a few minutes or for hours at a time, was a joy. Of course, it hurt!

2. Aren’t you going to regret that one day?

If I do, then that’s my business and probably something I’m not going to be super eager to discuss with you.

Obviously, if I got a tattoo, at least at that point of time there’s a 99.9% chance I didn’t plan on regretting it.

3. But what if you break up/stop being friends?

That’s like asking newlyweds, “So, what if you guys divorce?”

Friendship and name tattoos aren’t chosen lightly. Yeah, I’ve laughed at “that girl” or “that guy” with a giant tattoo of an ex’s name, I’ll admit it. But consider who you’re asking the question to. If you get a name or matching tattoo, you’re planning on being together for life.

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4. What do guys think when they see it?

Listen, if a dude ever balks at one of my tattoos or acts disgusted by it once the clothes come off, good. It’s a lesson learned that I do not want to sleep with him and the clothes will go right back on.

Better to see that red flag coming from a mile away than after we’ve spent time between the sheets.

5. So, it doesn’t have a meaning?

Tattooed people love to discuss the meaning behind their tattoos, but don’t act weirded out when it turns out someone — *gasp* — got a tat just because they like them.

I have more than one tattoo that is a “just because I could” tattoo and, to me, that’s meaning enough.

6. How much did it cost?

This is a perfectly reasonable question if you’re in the market for a similar tattoo, but if you’re asking out of judgment, just stop.

People spend money on lots of things I think are stupid, from fine china that just sits in the cupboard to expensive liquor that tastes just the same as the mid-level stuff. What would you say if I spent that money on a piece of art to display in my home?

Well, my body is my home, and my tattoos are its art.

7. Do you date people without tattoos?

I mean, I think tattoos are hot, sure. I also like guys with dark hair. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to redheads, and it definitely doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date a guy without tattoos. 

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8. What about when you try to get a job?

Most people have thought long and hard about their tattoo placement and whether it might impact a future job.

Don’t worry about it. I have plans as to how I’ll keep it covered, or maybe I’ll just choose to work at a more progressive workplace. 

9. Don’t you worry people will think your tramp stamp/ass tat/hip tattoos are trashy, slutty, etc.?

Wow, stereotypes! They’ve always been so accurate and all-encompassing. NOT. 

I don’t worry about it, because like I said about dudes earlier, that sort of person just isn’t worth keeping around in my life. They can take their opinion and shove it.

10. Do you really have a tattoo of ____? Can I see it? Aww, why not?

I don’t always feel like stripping away my clothes to show you my tattoos. Sure, sometimes I don’t mind mooning someone when they request to see my ass tat, but I’m not always game to do that or to roll up my shirt to show off my rib piece. If I’ve chosen to get a tattoo that’s hidden by clothing most of the time, then chances are I only want to reveal it during intimate moments.

And one question we love ...

11. What’s your next tattoo going to be?

The only thing tattooed folks love more than the tats they have are the tats they’re going to get! So grab a chair, take a seat, and prepare to listen. Because I have a list of future plans that makes my wallet absolutely shudder, and I am always pumped to go into detail about them.

Talking tattoos is fun, so don’t shy away from chatting up your inked friends.

But be prepared for the occasional eye roll. Trust me, we’ve heard them all!

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