What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Nipples Pierced

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8 Nipple Piercing Facts, Pros And Cons, And What To Know Before Getting Pierced

Sooo sexy, but also ...

Whether it’s a hint of teenage rebellion, some form of masochism, a desire to feel more attractive or simply an obsession with Kendall Jenner — nipple piercings are the ultimate cool-girl must have right now.

Slightly more risqué than your one-too-many-holes-in-the-ear type chick, a woman with a nipple piercing possesses an edge which screams sexual attraction.

With hardware pierced through one of the most sensitive parts of your body, it comes as no surprise that many women are initially put off by the idea … until they find out that their sensitivity increases!

That’s right. If you thought your nipples were sensitive now, just head down to your local piercer and experience a nerve in your nips like never before.

After a long time contemplating the body modification, I decided to say “eff it” and went for it. Three minutes later and with a lollipop in hand — it was like a nostalgic trip to the doctors, but the doctor was sexy and had tattoos — I had a chunk of metal horizontally placed into my left nipple.

I’m not sure whether it was my masochistic side talking or the hot tattooed guy distracting me, but the pain wasn’t so bad. I mean, this was rebellion, right? I had undergone extreme masochism, I felt sexier than ever before, and, yes, I did feel a bit like Kendall.

It's one year later — and I now have a piercing-less nipple. The bar actually fell out and closed up within an hour.

So ... I’ve decided to weigh up the pros and cons based on my personal experience with nipple piercing facts.

1. How painful is a nipple piercing?

PRO: The initial piercing only hurt for about three seconds.
CON: Over the next few days it feels like your nipple has a constant heartbeat and may even fall off.

2. Do people think it is attractive? 

PRO: It will gain you more "likes" on your Instagram than any selfie ever will.
CON: You will realize your nipple is now more attractive than your face ever will be.

3. Can you show your nipple piercing on social media?.

CON: “We removed your post because it doesn’t follow our community guidelines.”

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4. Does having a piercing affect the sensitivity of your nipple?

PRO: Your nipple looks and feels sexier than ever.
CON: It will only be seen if you’re actually having sex with someone.

5. Do they improve self-esteem?

PRO: You have some cool metal in your nipple.
CON: What’s that yellow stuff? (Puss city.)

6. What kind of bras should I wear (or do I have to wear one)?

PRO: You can walk around bra-less.
CON: You could walk around bra-less anyway. Duh!

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7. Do guys like pierced nipples?

PRO: Boys love it.
CON: It is now infected, sorry. (Seriously, calm down, guys.)

8. Do you have to remove the hardware?

PRO: You never have to take it out.
CON: Unless you like to fiddle with it like me and it falls out.

In summary ...

For aesthetic purposes, the nipple piercing is a great addition for those of you who want to waltz around in the nude or something sheer.

For those with boyfriends — great! He can now take that nipple to orgasm city.

For the hopeless (like me), I guess it looks cute and it’s really fun to fiddle with?

P.S. PLEASE watch out for shower poufs.

Here is a video about nipple piercing, types of bars and how to take care of your nipples afterwards.   

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