15 Celeb Couples With Matching Tattoos: Cute OR Creepy?

These couples have permanent ink and what seems to be permanent love for each other!

Celeb Couples With Matching Tattoos

Getting your beau's name tattooed on your body probably isn't the best idea... even if you really are in love. Just ask Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and the countless other celebs who've made that mistake in the past. But that's still not stopping some Hollywood couples from permanently declaring their passion for one another via the needle.

Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth are the latest duo to take the plunge with Theodore Roosevelt quotes stretched across their (hot) bods. In fact, it's seemingly becoming more and more common these days, almost as if it's a strange rite of passage of some sort. We've found 5 other couples who love to love with ink—and shocker!—who are still together!


1. Khloe & Lamar Odom
It seems my favorite Kardashian couple was enjoying a lovely dinner not long after their quickie wedding in 2009 when they decided to get crazy and hit up the local tattoo parlor. Now, they each sport the other's initials in cursive on their hands. "It’s special to me, which is why I believe it’s worth it when it symbolizes something or someone that is important to you," Khloe said of the gesture.

2. Chris Brown & Rihanna
Now that RiRi and Breezy are (supposedly) back together, the matching trail of stars they have leading down their necks seem to have meaning again. The controversial couple is no stranger to tattoos either. Chris recently shot down rumors that his latest tat was of a battered Rihanna. And as for RiRi, she's just a fan of body art. "I like hanging out in tattoo shops," she's said. "I am so intrigued by tattoos. It's an entire culture, and I study it."


3. Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon
While I'm all for honoring someone's life, Bobbi Kristina and boyfriend/step-brother Nick Gordon perhaps went overboard with their matching wrist tattoos, which have the initials "WH"  in honor of her (their?) late mother Whitney Houston. Rumor has it, the newly-engaged couple filmed the entire experience for Bobbi Kristina's upcoming reality show, which sadly makes me question the sentiment.

4. Kat Von D & Deadmau5
No one knew they were dating when they announced they were in love. So getting matching tattoos isn't a surprise. I suppose when you have a tattoo artist for a girlfriend, getting inked up is nothing short of inevitable. So it wasn't a surprise when Joel "Deadmau5" Zimmerman emerged with a black star on his cheek, matching that of his girlfriend Kat Von D. I just hope he knows she also has tats dedicated to former flames Jesse James and Nikki Sixx.

5. Jay-Z & Beyonce
Jay and Bey are music royalty as far as the world's concerned, so when they each got the roman numeral IV drawn on their ring fingers back in 2007, no one even batted an eyelash. In fact, that number has a lot of significance for the couple. “We all have special numbers in our lives, and four is that for me," Beyonce has said. "It’s the day I was born, my mother’s birthday, and a lot of my friends’ birthdays are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date." Aw, how can you hate on that? I can't!

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