15 Couples Tattoos Unlike ANYTHING You've Seen Before

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matching couple tattoos

This isn't your average ink.

It's a special moment in a relationship when you realize that the two of you are ready to be bonded together forever...

...in ink. 

A wedding ceremony is all well and good, but getting a couples tattoo? Now THAT takes a serious kind of commitment

Couples tattoos can be absolutely stunning, or absolute disasters that we would just as soon forget. 

I'm sure there's a metaphor there for our romantic relationships, but I'm not William Faulkner, so I'm not gonna try and make it. 

I've always envied couples with totally unique matching couples tattoos. 

Even the couples tattoos that have made me cringe have also inspired a twang of longing in my heart.

Loving someone so much that you want to bond that relationship in ink, there's nothing more passionate than that.

Couples tattoos work best when they are totally unique. 

That doesn't mean you have to drop acid and start doodling to make some one in a million design.

All it means is that you have to design a tattoo that is personal, that means something to you both deeply, and then you find an artist who has the ability to capture that design in ink on your skin.

If you're looking for some ideas of where to start, look no further.

I've rounded up some of the coolest and most specific couples tattoos I could find. 

Hopefully, when you see what inspired this ink, your own creative juices will start flowing!

Abstract and awesome tattoos will bond these two forever.
Photo: Tumblr

This couple and their matching tattoos go beyond cute, it's practically and abstract art exhibit.

The colors and the shapes perfectly capture their adventurous spirits. I mean, I don't know them but with ink like that, they've got to be pretty advantageous, no? 

The ring's the thing for these matching couples tattoos.
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I'm so not a huge fan of jewelry. One of the reasons I'm not married is because the idea of having to wear a ring forever seems terrible (yeah, that's why I'm single).

These bold line tattoos are a great substitution for a plain old wedding band. 

Under his wing tattoos are breathtaking AND totally sweet.
Photo: Tumblr 

Not only does the watercolor effect work here beautifully, this kind of couples tattoo basically makes it so that your dude HAS to put his arm around you a lot.

I am in full support of such cuteness. 

I'm stumped by these inside-joke tattoos.
Photo: Tumblr

I love a couples tattoo that is totally unique on its own, and this stump dissection absolutely is. The his and hers colors are perfect, and you know there's got to be a great story behind why they chose this tattoo.

Plus if they ever split they won't feel like douchebags, so that's good. 

Touched by an angel (tattoo).
Photo: Tumblr

Sometimes matching wrist tattoos can make you cringe, but this colorful cartoon pair of angels manages to be cute and charming.

A definite winner, even though I think angels are pretty cheesy. 

Find your way with clocks and compass tattoos.
Photo: Tumblr

There is nothing I don't love about this. You see a lot of clocks and a lot of compasses on the internet when it comes to tattoo ideas, but you seldom see them paired.

I love the idea of a tattoo that perfectly sums up the roles each person plays in the relationship. 

With extra cheese, and love. Pizza tattoos are pretty much the best.
Photo: Tumblr

In my mind there is nothing as romantic as letting your partner eat the first slice of your pizza, something captured adorably right here with this tattoo. 

Lock and key tattoos to represent your heart.
Photo: Tumblr

I swore to myself that I wasn't going to put ONE lock and key tattoo here, but that was before I saw this particular lock and key. The expert quality of this art elevates this couples tattoo from cliche to totally mesmerizing. 

Up, up, and away!
Photo: Tumblr

If you made it through the first ten minutes of Pixar's Up! Without crying you might need to check your pulse. This ode to a truly touching love story captured in two tattoos definitely brought some tears to my eyes. I'm sensitive, I can't help it! 

Checkmate. Yes, I will love you forever with these chess tattoos.
Photo: Tumblr

I'm a sucker for brilliantly rendered objects in grayscale when it comes to tattoos, and these chess pieces are definitely that! Plus, CUTE! 

You complete me.
Photo: Tumblr

Sometimes with tattoos simple is best. I love a tattoo that's a little bit of a secret, like this tiny heart that only reveals itself when you're holding hands. I melt! 

Gorgeous realistic tattoos to truly commemorate your love.
Photo: Tumblr

Sometimes tattoos with a story and the best around. This newly wedded couple got a tattoo that depicts the location of the place where they first met. It doesn't get more romantic than that. 

Scary cute tattoos, if that's your thing!
Photo: Tumblr

In case you didn't know (and how could you?) I am a sucker for skulls. These gorgeous his and hers heads are a great piece of sugar skull inspired art. You don't often think of bones when you think of love, but maybe you should. 

Barking with love. An unusual bride and groom tattoo pair, for sure.
Photo: Tumblr

Pop quiz, hot shot. What's cuter than a couples tattoo of a bride and groom? A couples tattoo of a bride and groom WHO ARE ALSO SEALS. 

May the force be with you. The perfect tattoos for Star Wars couples.
Photo: Tumblr

I'm not even a massive Star Wars fan and even I see the appeal of these teeny tiny light sabers tattoos!