19 Times Tattoos Went Terribly, Terribly WRONG

Bon Jovi Tattoo Fail

Tattoo failures are never funny … when it’s on you! (Haha!) In any other case, they’re pretty darn hysterical.

Getting a tattoo should be treated as a HUGE decision, and you should always do your research beforehand — unless you want to give us a reason to laugh.

So consider this your warning to think twice and always get a second opinion (from someone sober) before permanently marking up your body.

Meanwhile, sit back, enjoy and laugh these tattoo fails until it hurts (and be thankful it’s not YOU on this list!).

Oh, poop

Oh, poop.

I’m honestly having a hard time believing this is real… I’m just going to keep thinking this poor woman either list an awful bet, or this piece of sh*t tattoo artists pulled a super shit*y prank…

Except maybe this ...

 Except maybe this ...

I understand the meaning behind this. But first off, how necessary is it to to get this tattooed on your arm? And secondly — and more importantly — how could you not spellcheck?!?! Third, the awful font …

YOU’RE screwed ...

YOU’RE screwed ...

Here we go again with the misspelling of words that will forever be on you. Pretty sure she meant to say “Live Your Life” instead she now has “Live YOU ARE Life.” Call me a grammar snob.

Nope. Never.

Nope. Never.

“Never and don’t give up.” Ever.

King of Pop?

 Forever on you.

I’m convinced this person definitely tattooed this on themselves — with their non-dominant hand. Is this even Michael Jackson or a relative? … And who exactly was he touching? *Shudder*

But your tattoo never will.

But your tattoo never will.

I sure hope it does, because this is pretty bad …



I thought long and hard about what to say about this, but I can't seem to figure out what this tattoo is. Best guess: Rocky from the 1985 movie Mask. But still, WHY?

Not Harry Potter

Not Harry Potter.

Great mug shot! With your lightning bolt — or wait — is that actually a Christmas tree?

RAWR ...?


Oh yes! You’re sure to pick up all the ladies with this artistic masterpiece. Who drew it? Your 5-year-old nephew?

Bronx ... bombed

NY Yankees Newest Logo...*sigh*

I’m almost sure this was meant to be the New York Yankees logo, but maybe he’s starting his own team ...

Never Forget!

Never Forget!

In case you forgot who won prom queen back in high school (but likely failed English). Ahhh memories that last a lifetime …

You sure are!

Fearless Tattoo Fail

Are you fearless or trying to work “les” by getting a hand tattoo? Corny, I know! But so is this tattoo. (And she even had enough fingers for the extra “s”.) SMH.


Are you sure about that? ...

I will remember before I forget tattoo fail

You should definitely start taking your own advice …

Spice up your life!

Spice Girls Tattoo Fail

Spice Girls outline? I can only somewhat make this out by Posh’s middle pose, and I’m probably completely wrong …

Or do we ...

Ladies Love It Tattoo Fail

I personally don’t, but hey not judging if you do!

Daddy's girl!

Daddy's Angel Tattoo Fail

Dad's what? If I came home with this my dad would unquestionably be yelling at me … Our advice: This “aingel” should stay in school.

Totally two-faced

Head tattoo fail

This is painfully gross … yet kind of hysterical. And definitely 100 percent unattractive.


Isn't this borderline racist?

Africa tattoo fail

Everything about this is wrong! WRONG WRONG WRONG! But at least it’s all spelled right.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star ...

Face tattoo fail

... how I wonder why the eff you did this to your face.