It’s Been 1 Year Since Bowie Died, And The World Has Gone To Sh*t

Photo: WeHeartIt
david bowie

You are missed.

David Bowie, musical legend, and cultural icon who has been dead for a year. 

He left us, his dejected heartbroken fans, with the wonderful parting gift of an album.

If you haven't heard Blackstar, then go buy it, set aside some time to contemplate your own mortality and then indulge in one of David Bowie's masterpieces. 

WeHeartItWhen Bowie died it was cold outside. 

I remember this because I was taking a lot of walks to process how the passing of one celebrity had rocked me to my core. 

I listened to all of his music during these walks while the cold dried out my lips and my fingers started to ache and eventually lose feeling. 

"This is the end," I solemnly intoned to the poor beleaguered bartender at the drinking establishment I frequent. 

"It's all downhill from here."

Here's the thing.

I was totally right.

David Bowie's death began a year that was rife was unrest, violence, death, sadness, and terror. 

Thankfully, the first anniversary of his death I have decided also marks the end of this cosmic shift.

It's been a year since our Starman departed this planet for another, and look at all the awful things his passing ushered in:

  1. Donald Trump won the presidential election.
  2. The Pulse nightclub shootings. 
  3. The Disney alligator attack. 
  4. English actor Alan Rickman died. 
  5. New Ebola cases erupted in Africa. 
  6. England voted to leave the EU. 
  7. Iran ended diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia. 
  8. A global outbreak of Zika. 

  9. North Korea launched a long-range rocket into space AND performed nuclear tests. 
  10. EgyptAir Flight 804, crashed killing all on board. 
  11. ISIL claims responsibility for a terrorist attack on an airport in Istanbul.
  12. The President of Brazil was impeached.
  13. Our CO2 levels reached the highest they have ever been in recorded history. 
  14. The Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated.
  15. Rene Angelil, Celine Dion's husband, died. 
  16. Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, died. 
  17. Prince died. 

  18. Former first lady Nancy Regan died. 
  19. The destruction of Aleppo.  
  20. Comedian Gary Shandling died. 
  21. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got divorced. 
  22. Country singer Merle Haggard died.
  23. The massacre in Dallas. 
  24. Actress Doris Roberts died.
  25. The shooting of Philando Castile. 
  26. Professional wrestler Chyna died. 
  27. Chicago surpassed 600 homicides, highest in the nation. 
  28. Muhammed Ali died. 

  29. The terrorist attack on the Christmas market in Berlin. 
  30. Playwright Edward Albee died.
  31. The terrorist attacks in Nice and Belgium. 
  32.  Singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen died.
  33. The murder of Christina Grimmie.
  34. Actress Florence Henderson died. 
  35. Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed.

  36. Space pioneer John Glenn died. 
  37. Hate crimes against Muslims skyrocketed. 
  38. TV icon Alan Thicke died. 
  39. Hate crimes against the LGBT community skyrocketed. 
  40. Singer George Michael died. 
  41. Russia hacked the U.S. elections. 
  42. Actress and writer Carrie Fisher died. 
  43. Fake news was born. 
  44. Actress and singer Debbie Reynolds died. 
  45. It is undeniable that a lot of really terrible things happened in 2016. 

But you know what? It's 2017, and I can't imagine David Bowie would want us to continue weeping and gnashing our teeth.


He would want us to embrace life, get freaky with each other, be kind, make art, and celebrate every crazy minute on this planet.

Here's to you, Mr. Bowie. You are missed, but I think we're all finally ready to put the darkness behind us.