The New 'Fifty Shades Darker' Extended Trailer Is Here And It Is HOT

Fifty Shades Darker Extended Trailer

Who can't wait for more?

If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, then prepare yourself for another grand adventure, because in just over a month, Fifty Shades Darker is making its premiere, and boy, oh boy, does it make some big promises.

The teaser trailer that released about a year ago showed us a sexy Christian Grey getting ready for a masquerade, and now that the extended Fifty Shades Darker trailer has arrived with barely any time to spare, it’s just dripping with lust, violence, and sex, sex, sex.

Basically, everything we're looking for the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel to have.

After receiving a bouquet of white roses that would make any girl weak in the knees, Ana and Christian are definitely back together, but she’s grown some from the shy girl she was the first time around. According to her, however, there are some stipulations if she’s going to give Christian Grey another chance.  

There’s going to be “no rules, and no punishments, and… no more secrets,” she says. But it looks like coming forward with the truth may be a bit more of a problem than she may have realized…

While Christian wants to be upfront with her as they get more involved, it looks like he still has secrets to hide, no matter what he wants, or how much he’s started to change, and the past is still out for blood. “If something were to happen to you,” Christian says to Ana, “I could never forgive myself.”

And there are heavy intonations that “something” might just happen when a gun-toting, unnerved woman comes for Ana. The tension increases as the stricken girl asks her through tears, “What do you have that I don’t?” while pointing a loaded gun at Ana.

The trailer warns us that “Every fairy tale has a dark side,” and judging by the looks of this extended sneak peak, it seems there’s going to be plenty of darkness!

The video hints at jealous men and spurned ex-lovers, an ex-BDSM partner (who basically helped create Christian Grey's tortured psyche), helicopter crashes, vandals, and the threat of literally everything trying to come between Christian and Ana… but there’s still plenty of hot and heavy sensuality at the heart of this movie and the passionate, tumultuous relationship between them.

Action is interspersed with fervent moments of the two of them together that promise to bring the heat that Fifty Shades of Grey is so well known for. 

Dying to take a peak? Here’s the full Fifty Shades Darker extended trailer in all of its glory!