18 Romantic Wedding Poems That Will Make Your Big Day PERFECT

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These poems will make the night SUPER romantic.

There’s nothing more inspiring or touching than a romantic wedding. Like seriously, aren’t weddings just great? Everyone is wearing a fancy suit or dress, there’s cake and dancing, and the bride and groom look so happy together!

Weddings are a fun time for (almost) everyone; they’re a celebration of love and good times to come.  

The most inspiring thing about weddings is definitely the love and commitment that the bride and groom show for each other. From taking a million charming pictures together to cutting their wedding cake, the bride and groom are the two stars of the night, and everyone else gets to see their true love shine.

They’re basically saying to everyone: “Hey, we went through all the trials and tribulations of dating and we MADE it!” There is nothing more inspiring than watching two people tie the knot to their successful love story.

One of the most romantic parts of the wedding night is when the bride and groom share wedding poems. These romantic readings perfectly describe how the bride and groom feel about each other. These poems make the wedding night way more romantic and help express how deep the bride and groom’s love for each other is.

If you’re getting married, you might find it difficult to look for a poem that perfectly captures the love you have for your fiancé. There are so many different places where you can look for poems, but to make your search easier, we’ve gathered some of the most romantic love poems that will be sure to express just how strong your love is. Keep reading below to see which poems are GUARANTEED to make your wedding night a memorable one.

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When I saw you first,
it took every ounce of me
not to kiss you.

When I saw you laugh,
it took every ounce of me
not to fall in love.

And when I saw your soul,
it took every ounce of me.

—​ Atticus

I want to take the bits of you I love
and press them like flowers
between the pages of my favorite book.

And I want to take all the scraps
that you dislike in yourself
and display them on my refrigerator
to show you I'm still proud
of the person you are
and the person you are becoming.

But most of all, I want to spin you like a globe
and drag my finger across till it stops
to discover the pieces of you
that you've yet to reveal to anyone else.
I want to wrap them up in linen
and place them in an old cigar box,
I'd tuck it away safely
in the top drawer of my bedside table,
so you know I'll never let
those pieces of you go.

Because when you share
hidden parts of yourself
with someone else,
you're trusting that person
to hold the secret sections
of your heart
and to love the bits
you thought 
were unlovable

—​ m.k.

'I love you,'
you said,
and I waited for

but instead came
your arms
and a
'no matter what'


You are the poem I never knew how to write and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.

Tyler Knott Gregson

Once I knew you
I never wanted
to know anyone else.

Leo Christopher

To know that I miss you
so much when you leave;
To know that I need you
like the air that I breathe.

To know that I want you
with a passion so blind,
is to know that I love you
with no doubt in my mind.

Lang Leav

I can't promise you
that dark clouds
will never hover
over our lives
or that the future
will bring us any rainbows.
I can't promise you
that tomorrow
will be perfect
or that life will be easy.
I can promise you
my everlasting devotion,
my loyalty, my respect,
and my unconditional love for a lifetime.
I can promise that
I'll always be here for you,
to listen and to hold your hand,
and I'll always do my best to make you happy,
and make you feel loved.
I can promise that
I'll see you through any crisis,
and pray with you,
dream with you, 
build with you,
and always cheer you on.
I can promise that
I'll willingly be your protector,
your advisor, your counselor,
your friend, your family,
your everything.
I promise you.


I didn't fall in love with you. 
I walked into love with you,
with my eyes open,
choosing to take
every step along the way.
I do believe in fate and destiny,
but I also believe
we are only fated
to do the things
that we'd choose anyway.
And I'd choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in a hundred worlds,
in any version of reality,
I'd find you
and I'd choose you.


We were together.
I forget the rest.

Walt Whitman

I love you,
not only for what you are,
but for what I am
when I am with you.

I love you,
not only for what
you have made of yourself,
but for what
you are making of me.

I love you
for the part of me
that you bring out.

Roy Croft

I have thought
my entire life
I needed
or mountains
or magnificent
city lights
to be happy.
Truth is:
I do not
care where
I am
as long
as I have

Christopher Poindexter

It is so easy
for me to love you
that it frightens me.
I've never been good
at anything.
But I've never wanted
anything so much as
I want to hold you
every waking minute.
And every night
while I sleep.
The question has ceased to be
'How do I love you?'
and has become
'How could I ever stop?'


You're so 
down to Earth
and I'm up
in the stars
So show me 
the sea
and I'll take
you to Mars

— Unknown

I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was stunning
mystery. She carried things
deep inside her that no one
has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others.
She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

Christopher Poindexter

This is my confession.
As dark as I am,
I will always
find enough light
to adore you to pieces,
with all of my pieces.

Johnny Nguyen

There's an ocean inside of me.
Put your ear against
my chest and listen,
it rages for you.

Johnny Nguyen

Sitting next 
to you
is like
taking a sip
of eternity,
the sun, the stars,
the sky,
never tasted
so good.

Christy Ann Martine

If I had it to do
all over again,
I would choose you
as my lover and friend.
Life twists and turns
but our love runs true,
as if from the start
our hearts somehow knew.
Just like the river
is called to the sea,
forever with you
I am destined to be.

John Mark Green & Christy Ann Martine