15 MAJOR Things Women Wish Men Would Understand About Dating

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Things Girls Wish Guys Would Understand About Dating

Why can't guys get this?

For reasons beyond most of our understandings, women are often viewed as a mythical creature by men. They’re assumed to operate by different sets of emotions and standards, despite being 100 percent human.

Because there seems to be a fundamental disconnect between men and women, there’s a lot of things that girls wish they could explain to guys about dating. Here are some of the most common things girls want to tell guys, but can’t for one reason or another.

1. The friend zone isn’t real. We’re just really not into you that way.

Seriously, what’s wrong with having a female friend? Why do so many guys find it so terrible to be rejected? Rejection is a part of life, and at the very least you can now say you have a female friend who’s willing to be there for you when you approach other girls. Most women wish guys would just learn to move on and stop whining about how it isn’t “fair.” Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.

2. If you have to tell us you’re a nice guy, you’re probably not.

Just saying, a lot of guys don’t get this. Others will tell you that you’re nice and gravitate towards you if you’re nice. If they’re not doing that, you’re not nice.

3. We really don’t get turned on by dick pics.

If anything, the fact that this is such a common phenomenon baffles most women. Most girls want the dick pic parade to stop. So guys, please, stahp.

4. When a girl goes on a date with a guy, she is often worried about being sexually assaulted or murdered. Guys’ biggest fear is that their dates will be fat.

In other words, there’s a good amount of reason not to get upset if a girl doesn’t want a ride home or to get in your car. Safety is a major concern, and so is making sure that a date is sane. This is often why many girls don’t want to do anything sexual during the first date or two.

5. Rape jokes and women jokes aren’t funny, and yes, we judge you for it.


These kinds of jokes and misogynist comments make you look like an assh*le and make women worry that you’re an abuser or rapist. Women don’t joke about men being little wimps, so why would they tolerate that behavior from guys?

6. We’d rather be with an average looking guy who takes care of himself than a gorgeous man who doesn’t shower or exercise.

Guys may be more known for being shallow and demanding a thin girl, but the fact is that looks matter to women, too. The key thing here is hygiene. If you’re well groomed and dapper, you’re already winning at this thing.

7. Feminism isn’t misandry.

Feminism is about equality across ALL genders, even the non-binary ones. Stop making it seem like feminism is about attacking men. All most women want is autonomy over their own bodies and protection from assault, harassment, and discrimination. Saying “feminist” like a swear word will make you strike out with many women... and rightfully so.

8. Overall, most women are similar to men.

Everyone has their own hobbies, feelings, and goals. Everyone feels the same kinds of emotions and wants to have the same things in life. Guys need to realize that women are just fellow human beings trying to make their way through life.

9. Women dress for women, not men.

This is a blanket statement, yes, but for the most part, it’s true. Women don’t dress to please or attract guys. They dress the way they want to because that’s how they like to dress. So stop acting like a girl is “asking for it” if she wears a skirt.

10. Yes, we can be friends with men without having any sexual tension.


Surprise! Just like guys can befriend women without being horny for them, women can befriend men without being into them. It’s amazing, right?!

11. Not all women find muscles attractive.

You’ve be shocked at how many girls go for a slender geek body type or a “big bear” body type. Trust us when we say that a six-pack doesn’t make sex happen as quickly as you think it does.

12. The reason women give ‘sideways’ answers when they’re not interested is because they’re scared men will flip out and stalk them.

It has happened to at least one female you have known. In fact, it happens to almost every woman at least once. That’s why so many women are terrified of actually being assertive and saying no.

13. Arrogance isn’t sexy.

A lot of guys, especially of the “pick up artist” variety, make this assumption. All that being an arrogant prick does is rule you out for long-term relationship material.

14. Stop assuming women are gold diggers, want to be housewives, or want to have kids.

Not all women are into that stuff, and, in fact, most aren’t too hot on it. Most women want their own careers and don’t feel totally comfortable relying on a man. Moreover, 20 percent of all women will never have children so stop with that assumption, too.

15. Calling women ‘females’ and telling us that all women are crazy will only make us think you’re the problem.


Because, surprise, you are!