After #PussyGate, 7 Women Explain Why Trump Still Has Their Vote

Photo: Twitter
women for trump

And they're not backing down.

With the election coming to a close, many women and former Trump supporters have turned their back on Trump, following what we call "pussygate." In a leaked video from 2005, Trump was caught making extremely inappropriate and offensive comments against women and bragging to Billy Bush about trying to have sex with a married woman.

Many Republicans have come out and denounced their support for Trump, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. Republicans have also called on Trump to withdraw from the election, with less than a month until Election Day.

But there are still women out there who support the Republican presidential nominee. And whether or not you agree with them, they aren't backing down or abandoning their nominee. Here's why these women still support Trump.

1. It's refreshing he's not a politician.

"These are just a few reasons why the p*ssy-grabber has my vote:

  • He apologized immediately.
  • His words are in the past.
  • He was not a politician in the past.
  • He is not a politician now.
  • He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.
  • He doesn't want nor need this job.
  • He is self-funded and doesn't owe any favors.
  • He has the tenacity, ability, resources and proven track record that have nothing to do with a career in politics. 
  • He does not lie. But if he has, he is not stupid enough to be caught in one.
  • I understand that his p*ssy-grabbing 'locker room' comments do not mean action.
  • I don't believe the US public is idiotic enough to consider his words a call to action.
  • There was no outbreak of worse behavior after Monica-gate, right?

Sara, age 48

2. We need someone to shake things up.

"​When forced to choose between a career crook and a selfish, egotistical business man, one can only look beyond the flawed people and ask themselves what their actions in office will be. I choose the proposed plans of Donald and the Republican party and shaking up the entire system. It's really quite that simple. Career politicians need to be blown up to smithereens and replaced with common sense business people." —D, age 60

3. He's the lesser of two evils.

"Do I think Trump is the best candidate we've ever had for president? No. Both candidates are poor examples of what our country should be and I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.  So I took my emotions out of the game and did some old-fashioned research. What I discovered was some awful and some not-so-awful things about both candidates. This research did not involve searching social media; you can find whatever story you want to  read on there. 

I learned that Trump, throughout his career, has hired women as lead architects and lawyers on several of his projects. His actions in the business world have shown me that he will choose intelligence and capability over gender. As a professional woman, I commend that. Also, if we get so isolated and focused on one issue (i.e. "pussygate"), we can easily push other huge issues aside: The future of social security, fiscal policies and how they impact the middle class, the line we draw between the personal and the private sector, health care reform — to name a few.

And we must remember that the president works within a system of checks and balances and unfortunately, it's a system I've watched Clinton and her administration ignore with lies, deceit and corruption time after time, but no one wants to face the music." — L, age 28

4. I want something to change after the last eight years.

"I still support Trump. He has my vote on November 8th because:

  1. I don't judge him negatively for past 'locker room' talk because I do it, too (and so do all of you, ladies).
  2. His business intellect is a perspective America can greatly benefit from.
  3. I don't trust Hillary Clinton; I think she's a sneaky woman.
  4. He is not your ordinary politician. Trump is different and that's not a bad thing.
  5. I support his ideas to bring back manufacturing jobs and to create a more concrete immigration policy.
  6. Lastly, it won't be the same damn thing we've had for the last eight years — with Hillary, nothing will change." 

​—Loren, age 24

5. I'm not offended by language; I care how people actually act.

"I am a woman, and I still support Donald Trump. In fact, I'm the type of woman they say Trump can't get: an educated professional. When people say they just can't support Trump based on his character or his temperament, are they really saying Hillary's is superior? That's the part I can't get over. 

Hillary makes me sick. From her treatment of Bill's 'bimbo eruptions,' to her treatment of the 12-year-old child victim of rape that she further victimized by denying her justice and then laughing about her own clever lawyering years later, to her lies over the coffins of the dead bodies of Benghazi victims to the faces of their mothers, to her pay-for-play treatment of her status as Secretary of State, to her flagrant destruction of evidence in the form of emails, she operates by her own rules — and I detest it.  

I work in a highly regulated industry. If I handled my email the way she did, I'd be fired from my firm and likely banned from my industry. Yet the Secretary of State gets to have her own server, risk national security, and then move on to bigger and better things? It cannot work that way.  

I don't like what Trump said. I work in the financial industry, a field still dominated by men. I've never been offended by language. I care how people actually act. Trump's vulgar language just doesn't rise to the level of changing my mind about voting for him, especially when the alternative is Hillary Clinton." —Crystal, age 43

6. Men talk like this. Normal men.

"Men talk like this. Normal men. Men I know who have fought for our country, would have your back and you would let your daughter be friends with his daughter. I've heard stuff much more extreme than this. Calling it 'guy talk' is calling it what it is. Men think about sex every seven seconds (or is it minutes?). Who cares? This isn't new. Calling this 'rape culture' is an insult to women AND men who have been raped. It's not demeaning. It makes me damned glad I'm not a guy. Who has time for this crap?" Allie, age 43

7. Pussy-gate is a non-issue.

"A TEN-year-old recording of him saying something stupid has zero bearing on the presidential election. I support Mr. Trump because I allow the FACTS on real issues to make my voting decisions. 

Trump believes the government has overreached its limits placed by our forefathers; so do I. Trump believes our country looks like a p-word, I say tongue in cheek, to the rest of the world; so do I. We are no longer a world power. Trump believes our country is less safe with illegals and drugs pouring over the southern border; so do I. 

Trump believes we are making our country less safe by allowing scores of refugees into our broken system; so do I. Trump believes everyone should work for a living, not just receive hand-outs; so do I.  Mr. Trump believes Common Core is causing the dumbing down of America making the next generation dependent on the government; so do I. Obamacare? Abortion? Foreign policy? Guns? Hillary imprisoned? Taxes? Check, check, check, and check. Our beliefs align.   

I do not support Donald Trump because I am a woman and make emotional decisions. I support him for his policies, unchanging by how he speaks during private conversations ten years ago." —Martha, age 42