Only A WOMAN Can Handle Trump — We Fight Men Like Him Every Damn Day

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Hillary > Beyonce

It was the shimmy heard round the world. 


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump finally squared off in their first presidential debate, and Hillary triumphed. 

I watched their showdown with a group of like-minded friends and when it was over I was both elated by how thoroughly Hillary Clinton trounced Donald Trump, and shakily fearful that a man so unqualified for any public office could have even made it this far. 

That fear began to dissipate as I listened to how journalists and citizens alike responded to the debate. The first 20 minutes was Trump at his best, and his performance is still being roundly categorized as the worst ever of its kind. 


Throughout the evening, Donald Trump's ire and frustration in the face of his own lies and bad behavior continued to swell. He rambled, he lied, he whined, and he interrupted both Hillary Clinton and moderator Lester Holt almost incessantly. 

Lester Holt was no match for Donald Trump's rudeness and bluster. He barely tried to stand upright against the stream of hot air issuing from Trump's gullet. 

But Hillary Clinton wasn't swayed. She smiled, she sighed, and she patiently pointed out Trump's lies, his dangerous ideas about diplomacy, and his utter lack of any kind of plan of action. 

You know when you're at the grocery store and you see a toddler having a meltdown and then you notice their totally unruffled mom expertly managing the situation? Yeah. It was like that. 

"Sorry everyone, Donny didn't get his nap today so he's threatening to renege on deals with foreign nations. Don't worry, we've got those agreements in writing, it's cool." 

It should be no surprise that Hillary Clinton so artfully plowed through Donald Trump's attempts to interrupt and silence her. She is a woman and as such her entire life has been about trying to speak over the voices of men who would prefer her to be silent. 


Trump can rail about her temperament and bellow "WRONG" after every word that comes out of Hillary's mouth, but it won't change anything.

She is unflappable.

She is a woman in American politics and it is going to take a lot more than a man's bluster to get her to slip up and fall or to even break her stride. 

Hillary Clinton's gender is an asset. Her behavior at the debate proves this to be the case. Trump's gender is a hindrance. He's got male privilege up to his eye balls. Of course he can't admit he lied. Of course he can't admit he was wrong or that he has ever made a mistake. He is a man and such things are not possible for men. 

Being a woman has made Hillary Clinton stronger than Donald Trump.

Women face countless microaggressions every single day. Donald Trump got a case of hurt feelings from Rosie O'Donnell A DECADE AGO and he's still not over it. 

To be an effective president, it is essential that you be experienced, composed, pragmatic, thoughtful, and diplomatic. Donald Trump is none of these things.

Hillary Clinton is all of these things. And then reason she is? Well, that's because she's spent her entire professional life dealing with men just like Donald.