What It Means To Be A Hopeful Romantic — 9 Signs You're More Hopeful Than Hopeless In Love

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There's a stigma around hopeless romantics and the way they love. But what about hopeful romantics?

Hopeless romantics believe in destiny and true love’s kiss. They believe in fairytales. 

None of these are bad traits to have. When we find our partner for life, I think we all want to beleive in the power of true love.

Hopeless romantics believe in the "happily ever after" of fairy tales. But hopeful romantics believe in building a healthy, strong relationship where both partners can live happily forever after, together. 

Yes, there's a difference between being a hopeless romantic — someone who leaps without looking — and hopeful romantics. 

Being hopeful, defined as "feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event", isn't foolish — in fact, it can be seen as a form of wisdom. 

That's why hopeful romantics make wonderful partners. We are wise when it comes to love, because we truly believe in the power of love and the importance of building your own dream love. 

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Here are 9 signs you're a true hopeful romantic: 

1. You're naturally optimistic about love.

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Hopeful romantics are everything that the hopeless embody except they have a sense of realism. They’re optimistic when it comes to love but also understand what it means to be ghosted.

They get too excited about the first date because they love the idea of meeting someone new. A hopeful romantic sees first dates as the start of an adventure. They’re always excited about going out because there is so much that can unfold from a span of one night.

These type of people are also OK with waiting for the right one to come around.

If you're a hopeful romantic, you know your worth and won’t settle for just anyone to sweep you off your feet. You want someone who will put in the work, effort and investment into a relationship. If that means turning down dates and waiting for that unique person, then you will do just that.

2. Your love is intense, but steady.

Hopeful romantics are not just great partners, they're great friends.

They are the type of friend to gas you up when you need a hype-man. If you're not feeling your new hair color, your hopeful romantic friend will make sure that you don’t feel anything less than spectacular when you leave the house.

They only want to see you happy and excited about life, and they want you to see yourself the way they see you. And that support will never wane. 

They’re dedicated and passionate, particularly with their romantic partners, but they don't give their love and take it away as a form of manipulation or as a result of mood swings.

A hopeful romantic will show up when and how they say they will, and that consistency is what makes them such great partners.

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3. You believe love will find a way.

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The worst mistake someone can make is trying to place a limit on the love a hopeful romantic can give. 

Even when facing what feels like insurmountable odds, a hopeful romantic can imagine a positive outcome — and that is a beautiful trait in a partner or a friend. Your hopeful romantic friend will work tirelessly to solve a problem, and will be by your side even when times are tough.

A hopeful romantic will search for solutions when a relationship is in trouble rather than bailing out, and that is a beautiful quality.

You'll know you're a hopeful romantic if you're the type who is always willing to put in the work to make a relationship thrive.

4. You don't settle.

While a hopeful romantic holds love in the highest esteem, they won't settle for a relationship that doesn't feel like the "real deal".

Hopeful romantics likely really relate to Julia Roberts's character in Pretty Woman, who says, "I want the fairytale".

They believe that real love and romance are awaiting them, so they won't settle for someone who doesn't believe like they do or doesn't appreciate them.

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5. You're willing to put in the hard work.

Because they believe their relationship is destined to be, they will do what needs to be done in order to make their relationships work.

They see couples counseling or therapy as just a part of making a relationship last — which is incredibly hopeful.

If you're a hopeful romantic, you will always try to improve yourself when needed in order to become a better, stronger person. You will also put in that work to help your relationship grow, because the health of the relationship is of utmost importance to you. 

6. You don't need grand gestures to feel appreciated.

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As much as hopeful romantics believe in the fairytale and dream about living in one, they aren't sitting around waiting for a knight in shining armor or a prince to ride in on a white horse.

They are able to see what's beautiful in people, and appreciate the intention of every act of love. 

For instance, a hopeful romantic will see a gift of cozy socks on a cold day as being equally romantic as a dozen roses. 

That's because a hopeful romantic is guided by their heart, not some manufactured idea of what it means to love someone. 

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7. You're not afraid of how relationships change over time.

Yes, all relationships change over time. Partners stop putting on their fanciest undies and sometimes leave a mess around the house. 

Some people may read into these changes as signs the romance has faded, but a hopeful romantic knows that these changes are often a symbol of the growth of a relationship.

8. You know you'll make a great parent.

The hopeful romantic sees the beauty, potential, and wonder in every day and in every person. That sense of joy and romance is a wonderful trait to have as a parent, not just a partner.

They can see the inner beauty of everyone, and that includes their children. They don't need their kids to be tokens of their parenting successes, nor do they have the need to have what looks like a "perfect family" if it sacrifices the real, true joy and happiness of the family itself. 

Instead, a hopeful romantic sees what brings their children joy and helps cultivate that. They are hopeful that there is a unique path for each child, and, as a parent, will help that child find their way.

Their optimism makes their kids feel safe and unconditionally loved. 

9. You always love completely — sometimes even when you shouldn't.

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They’re the type of partner to always hold on to a relationship, even if it’s not the best for them. That's because hopeful romantics believe that relationships should be forever. 

They always hold out hope that things will get better. 

Breaking up is never easy, and for a hopeful romantic it’s the hardest thing to do.

It’s so difficult for them to conceptualize a break up that they will latch onto whatever they can salvage from the relationships and try to bring their partners everything on a silver platter.

Even if what their partner wants is no longer them.

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Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.