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"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love!"

-Tom Robbins, Author


"God Helps Those Who Help Themselves"

-Ben Franklin

About Joe Amoia

Joe Amoia is the founder and creator of GPS For Love.  He is an International Dating and Relationship Expert who specializes in helping single woman navigate the complex world of men, dating and relationships.

Joe believes that anyone can create a happy and healthy relationship once they identify and remove the roadblocks which are standing in the way. to his wife  N

Joe was a sucessful chiropractor for 20 years,who closed his practice in order to love his life's purpose of spreading more love in the world.

He is happily married  to his wife Natalie, since November of 2001.  They have 3 sons, Daniel, Robbie and Michael.

Joe offers free dating and relationship advice through his website, GPSForLove.com and  his private Facebook Group.  You can also find Joe on Instagram @gpsforlove.

To sign up for his latest dating tips and strategies, visit GPSForLove.com and watch his free training, The 5 Steps to Attracting a Quality Man and a Love That Lasts.

Joe Amoia Success Stories

Ann's Love Story

Before meeting Joe, I had a failed marriage and an abundance of failed relationships. I was convinced that the Universe did not intend for me to have the love I longed for. But Joe’s program along with his consistent guidance and support helped me to change my mindset and subtle behaviors that caused me to attract the wrong men.more

Without Joe, I am convinced I would not have found and eventually marry the love of my life. I have not been this happy in my entire adult life! Thank you, Joe!

Janet Find's Love Again

Joe and his GPS for Love Program changed my life in many ways!

I wasn’t having much luck in my love life. I had been widowed for over 20 years and over that time had several failed relationships. I didn’t enjoy dating and wasn’t really good at it.

Joe’s program opened my eyes to why I was struggling and failing in my relationships. He showed me the way to find the type of guy and relationship I really wanted and a short time after finishing his program…I did!

What I love about Joe is that he’s a guy who keeps it real and tells you the truth from his heart.

I am now so much happier having found a man who genuinely loves and appreciates me for who I am “warts and all”. He makes me feel nurtured, loved and protected. There is not a day that goes by where I am not told or shown how special I am. I count my blessings every day! The love we share is amazing, we feel like kids again!

Marylou Finally Finds True Love

I have been married and divorced twice and was coming out of a painful relationship that was going nowhere when I enrolled in the Gor Love Program. I had no confidence in finding a good man to share my life with. I was impressed by Joe’s straightforward and honest approach in helping me with my dating and relationship struggles.more

Joe’s guidance and support helped me immensely to find the right man to share my life with. He helped me change what I was doing wrong and guided me to find happiness in my life. I can’t thank Joe enough for his support and loving guidance.

Sabrina Gets Married

When I was searching for a lifetime partner, I knew I needed to make some changes. I was always in unhealthy relationships and felt extremely insecure about myself. One day I went searching for articles, videos, or anything that would give me some direction, and I stumbled on GPS for Love. I watched Joe’s videos and thought he had a lot of confidence and insight into relationships. I took a chance and contacted him for a consultation. After talking to him, I immediately knew I wanted to work with him.more

Joe helped me uncover the real obstacles which were blocking me and helped me get my confidence back…in myself and my ability to find the man I really wanted.

Shortly thereafter, I met my husband. I now wake up knowing my single days are over and I’ve found the love I’ve always wanted. I love him more each day. My life feels fulfilled with an honest, loving partnership with a quality man who loves me for ME. I truly believe that working with Joe changed my life and led me to find the love of my life.


Lisa Gets Her Confindence Back and Finds Love

Working with Joe changed my life. After being betrayed/cheated on by my husband of ____ years I was feeling like a very broken woman, with low self-esteem and low self-worth. The GPS for Love program helped me get my confidence back and to use that confidence to attract the type of man I was looking for.more

That transformation led me to an amazing man that I would not have found if I was stuck in my old patterns and ways. Joe coached and guided me along the way with lots of love, wisdom, & encouragement. My life is better now because I have learned to love myself first and I now have a partner who compliments that love!

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