What Do Women Really Want When They Ask Men To Be Romantic?

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What Do Women Really Want When They Ask Men To Be Romantic?

One of the key things that differentiates a relationship from a friendship is the romance factor.

Romance can mean different things to different people, but most of us women have pretty similar ideas of what we mean when we say we want a guy to be more romantic.

What is romance?

Classic romance, at least to me, is about being swept off your feet by a man who absolutely adores you. And a romantic man is one who goes out of his way to show a woman how much she means to him.

While some people might find that type of romance cheesy, I personally think it's sweet. I love all things romance! Give me all the flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners!

And I feel like most women secretly want to experience that kind of cheesy, lovey-dovey romance at least occasionally in our lives.

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Some men are hopeless romantics, too, of course, while others are clueless and don't even know where to start.

When men think of romance, they more than likely think of the things I just described, but those obvious gestures are really just scratching the surface of the possibilities out there.

To help you guys out, here are 5 things women mean we want when we ask you to be more romantic.

1. We want a partner who doesn't hold back.

There's nothing more romantic than a man who isn't afraid to be vulnerable by fully sharing his feelings while holding nothing back.

Sometimes, men can be scared of opening up and show their loving side to a woman because they fear of coming off as feminine. But the honest truth is that you're likely to be less attractive if you hold back and close yourself off.

Men who know how to share their heart with a woman are the most manly of them all because they aren't afraid of being in touch with their soft side! You're only hurting yourself by not saying how you really feel, and this can lead us women to close herself off in response and start overthinking everything.

It's super romantic when a man pours his heart out to you and shares his genuine feelings about how you make him feel. Knowing how much a guy that I'm into likes me just makes me like him even more.

2. We want to be with someone who listens. (Like, really listens.)

It's never fun feeling like you're talking to a wall! Everyone wants to be heard and it should be no different in a relationship.

Open your ears and give your partner your undivided attention when they're speaking. It's not only the respectful thing to do, it's also something that won't likely go unappreciated.

Women take notice when you're paying attention and when you're not. Sometimes we will even quiz you about what we just said to make sure you were listening!

My advice is to simply listen, even when she thinks you're not. Take note of the little things she says. Remember, it's the little things that matter.

Knowing that you're being heard by your partner is amazing. Then what you do with all the information you've listened to turns into the romantic part. And it doesn't even have to be about big gestures.

For example, by just mentioning something she said, like a little story she told you, will make her so happy knowing that you remembered it. If you want to take it a step further, take her somewhere she's talked about going to or buy her a snack she said she loves.

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3. We (mostly) love surprises.

Not everyone enjoys surprises, but I feel like anyone can end up loving them as long as your surprise is a good one. Surprises are exciting and they can still be mysterious if you let the person know you have a surprise coming for them. Knowing that my partner went out of his way to plan a surprise for me is so romantic! It shows he was thinking about me and wanted to do something sweet in a unique way.

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. It can be something as little as a cute stuffed animal you saw at the store, or as big as a paradise vacation you've been planning for months.

No matter the surprise, she will love it and it will make her love you even more for it.

4. We like a little PDA, especially around your friends.

Everybody is built differently, so not all women may love the touchy-feely part of a relationship. However, that doesn't mean that we don't want our partner to be affectionate towards us.

You know your partner best, so you can tell the of level of affection they like.

Don't be afraid to grab their hand in public or swing them around. It's extremely romantic when a guy comes up and hugs your waist from behind or pulls you in for an unexpected kiss. It gets the butterflies moving in a girl's tummy big time!

5. We love it when you show us off.

If there's a special lady in your life, show her how important she is to you by showing her off.

Women don't like to feel like they're being hidden or that your relationship is a secret. You shouldn't be afraid to show the world the girl you're with if you're as into her as you say you are.

It's one thing to tell a girl she's special and it's another to say it as you introduce her to the other important people in your life.

A romantic way to show off your love is to post about them on social media. Don't go overboard, because everything in moderation, but a small appreciation post can go a long way.

Showing your girlfriend or partner off will also make her feel more confident in the relationship. She'll be happy knowing that everyone is aware of your relationship together and in a way,

it will make her feel more secure. It's an added plus for her because you're making it known to other that you're off limits.

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