25 Powerful Quotes From An Instagram Poet Who Has Loved & Lost

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Prepare to saddened, awe-stricken, and TOTALLY inspired. (Oh and bring the tissues.)

Do you really know the power of your words? Even just one syllable can carry the weight of years of emotion.

Good poetry transcends a simple meaning: it's universal. It's comparable to a variety of scenarios, situations, and experiences so the reader — however old, whatever background — can relate to some degree and FEEL something meaningful. Words are meant to be shared, and whether their intention is positive or negative, each has its own impact on a person.

A poem is ike a puzzle, with every line to fitting together just perfectly while every piece plays its own unique role in the final message. And Dave Wise is a MASTER at puzzles. 


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While the majority of his poems look to be about about love, he writes from both perspectives of the matter: the triumph AND the heartache. His words will leave you remembering how it feels to have loved, and lost.

But his art also reminds you how it feels to love again, love differently and find a way to overcome the pain and doubt. Constantly using analogies, comparisons, and skillfully crafted metaphors, Wise paints a verbal picture of what he's feeling at that very moment, inspiring you with poetic imagery and leaving you reaching for a fresh box of Kleenex in the process.

No, he's not a "sad" poet — he's a POWERFUL one.

Take a minute to get lost in his words with these 25 heart-felt poems that are sure to make you want to go buy your significant other a bouquet of fresh roses. Or better, write something of your own.

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Sometimes you just need a conversation with yourself.
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"At times I must remind my hands, they are not at war with my body. Once in a while I must remind my tongue that it is not meant to cut myself open. I must remind my heart that it is beating so that I may live, not so I can be perfect." — Dave Wise

Talk about commitment.
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"The air from my lungs, my heartbeat, the very colors of my eyes. All of these i would give for you. For your love. For one minute of your affection.— Dave Wise

Now THAT'S love.
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"Even if my heart was broken, still, it would beat for you. Still, the blood would be driven into hands that only crave your touch.— Dave Wise

Heartache can be the worst pain.
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"These hands, I memorize every cut and bruise and burn. And I think our hearts still bare the worst calluses.— Dave Wise

This brings new depth to "loved and lost."
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"Better my heart aches knowing you filled my life to the brim with happiness than to have never known the taste of your lips beneath those summer skies.— Dave Wise

Silence can be louder than noise.
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"My vocal chords heave like the sails of broken ships and I cry glass tears and they travel slowly like my hands to this glass. So softly my whispers and so resounding the silence.— Dave Wise

Haunted by a love of the past.
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"I chase your ghost in my reflection. In my bed. In open doors. In empty fingers. I am reminded of you in every soft song. Every strong drink. Every biting cigarette. I chase your ghost and pray I find you.— Dave Wise

Inner turmoil can sting.
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"I am a breath hald exhaled. I am a skipped track on a perfect record. I am just enough and at the same time just not enough.— Dave Wise

Moving on is difficult, but necessary.
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"You do not ask the trees for greener leaves or the waves for greater heights. So please, do not ask me to lift my eyes from my hands. I'm still learning how to be happy on my own.— Dave Wise

Wine: the drink of true romance.
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"Soft limbs, gentle fruit, my love your existence is the finest wine.— Dave Wise

When you realize you've fallen for them.
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"Maybe I wait and wait and wait to open my eyes to your constellations to your midnight figure, to your eclipse. Maybe I wait for you to steal my breath. Maybe you already have.— Dave Wise

Your love is my drug.
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"You are the dream I cannot forget. The face I never fail to recall. The scent upon which I am always fixated. You are my drug, you are my desire.— Dave Wise

Be treated like to royalty you are.
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"Your crown is sunrise, soft sunlight and the music of the world announcing your very breath. You dress in sunset, wearing the dark of silk of twilight like the finest robes. You are life incarnate. You are beauty in its natural form. Surely you are a queen.— Dave Wise

Persevere and persist if you hope to achieve happiness.
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"Tired. But I must not stop. Tired. Oh how my very bones ache. Tired. How my mind feels split, like a coconut fallen upon rocks. Tired. But I will not rest. There are too many dreams that must be dragged from my sleep, to the living world.— Dave Wise

Know your true value.
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"When you feel like one look in the mirror, could shatter the glass, and your precious heart, remember, remember, remember, i did not settle for you. I chased you like a wolf following the moon.— Dave Wise

This love is nothing more than a memory.
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"Where are you? The ghost on my lips. The face, I struggle to remember as I wake.— Dave Wise

Ignite your true passions.
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"Our love was not ivy. Slow creeps and gentle growth. Our love was flashfire sudden maddening. A flood I let take me and consume me.— Dave Wise

Everything and anything, all for you.
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"Don't you know my dear? That I would go through every heartbreak all over again, just to listen to you. Just to listen to the way you say my name, like no one else could. Your lips are magic, and every word, is a masterpiece.— Dave Wise

Seeing you is all they need to die happy.
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"One more glimpse of your figure dressed in moonlight and I will die a thousand deaths with nothing but a smile.— Dave Wise

Turn despair into beauty.
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"Should you find your heart broken, make yourself a kaleidoscope. You are beautiful and your broken heart will become dazzling art.— Dave Wise

See the situation and turn it positive.
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"And if you are full, may you be full of my love. And if you are empty, may you be empty of doubt. And if you are falling may it be in love. And if you are broken may it be beautifully so.— Dave Wise

Yes, even your "morning breath."
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"Your breath is the rhythm of my heartbeat. Your love is a full breath and a skipped beat.— Dave Wise

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"She was divine and I was devout. So upon an egyptian cotton altar I prayed and she shook.— Dave Wise

Sometimes what you need, you already have right in front of you.
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"I spent so long trying to bring someone home. It wasn't until I met you, that I realized 'home' is wherever I find myself with you.— Dave Wise

Perfection isn't everything; it's the love that matters.
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"She is a river. She is curved and flows across my skin. She is a mountain rising above to give me a better view of beauty. She is anything but perfect but I love her for how she makes me feel. Not just for the view.— Dave Wise