This New Coffee Can Help You Have Sex For 18 Hours STRAIGHT

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Coffee is everyone's best friend, and if coffee isn't your best friend, then you're missing out. We love coffee so much that we even have an entire collection of quotes dedicated to our love for the strong, delicious beverage. 

How many cups can you finish a day? One? Two? Maybe four? Nonetheless, you know your limits when it comes to coffee. No matter how strong your love (or addiction), drinking coffee should have a daily limit. Despite its health benefits (such as lowering your risk for Parkinson's disease, Type 2 diabetes, and liver disease), too much can put your health at risk, increasing your cholesterol levels and risk for heart disease.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a cafe has begun serving a new concoction called the "Asskicker." And it is rightly named, as it contains four espresso shots, two cold drip strengths, and milk. According to CNN, it contains 80 times the amount of caffeine as a standard shot!

Photo: Daily Mail

"The drink, designed to be sipped slowly over three to four hours, promises to keep coffee lovers buzzing for up to 18 hours," CNN says.

Think of what you can do for those 18 hours!.You can learn a whole new language, watch season after season of a TV show, or even have long passionate sex with your lover. So many possibilities.

However, sadly, this news does come with a caveat... a health caveat. 

Viscous Coffee owner Steve Benington told CNN that they created the drink for a customer who is an emergency room nurse. She asked for something strong enough to keep her up during her night shifts. He admitted having to tone it down a little because it had kept the nurse up for a total of three days.

And now, it has become a popular drink at the cafe. Because of its strength, Benington has to give customers detailed warnings about its negative effects, especially to those with heart disease and high blood pressure, before they order it.

"If I can talk someone out of it, they're not ready for the drink," he said. 

Photo: thisisradelaide.com.au

Too much caffeine can have adverse affects on the body and can make the drinker erratic, nervous, irritable, and sometimes show symptoms of psychosis. It can also cause hallucinations, delusions, muscle spasms, and even anxiety. Yikes!

To give you a clearer picture of exactly how much caffeine is in this drink compared to other places, Women's Health Magazine compared the Asskicker to coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, and a Venti coffee and Red Eye from Starbucks. 

"Asskicker has 17 times more caffeine than a large coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, 10 times more caffeine than a Venti brew from Starbucks, nine times more than a Red Eye from Starbucks, and a whopping 80 times more than a straight shot of espresso," says the article.

Are you ready for it? If not, we don't hold it against you. Every love has a limit after all, even the love for coffee.